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Que anda chiki??

Hey everybody,

It has been a long week out here, and I am trying to keep it all together with some little stuff going on. I have a lot to learn here still, but here we are. My comp and I just need to talk some stuff out. It is nothing too big or interesting.

Our area is going really well. The married couple that we met went to church and I almost cried I was so happy!! We also are going to have a surprise baptism this weekend, because one of the kids that couldn’t get permission to get baptized finally got it, and he will be baptized this Saturday. We are also working with a few other awesome people that we hope to get moving quickly here. 

I had to go to a leadership council this week with Elder Taylor (counselor in the area presidency) and the mission president. We got on the first bus that goes out to San Pedro, and they were getting after us for not being on time (on time being 1+ hours early), and I got frustrated with the APs. I don’t know what they wanted us to do in traffic other than wait for the bus to move forward haha. When I stood up to go to the bathroom, 30 minutes before the thing even started, the other AP told me “you have two minutes” and I basically told him he has no authority over me and to stop being so stiff. I think next time I am going to whip out D&C 121:34-46 on them and show them the real way the priesthood works. 

I got to go back to my first area on splits again, which was a little weird. I avoided all of the members that I could, trying not to cause anything big, and just showed the other missionary all that his companion didn’t show him in the area. (My last companion in that area was his first comp, and he didn’t show him a good chunk of families that have a lot of potential, so I showed him all I knew and all I could. I also have pictures of a few families that missed me, the last ones from a family that invited us to eat dinner one of the days I was out there.

Our ward mission leader, ( a recently returned home missionary) gave us a referral yesterday, and brought us to the house of the family, and it was the most uncomfortable lesson I have ever had in my whole life. It is a married couple (Yaaaaaay) with their 4 kids. A boy (15) and three girls (18,19,21) The 21 yr one was calm and normal, and the 19 yr didn ́t stop talking… Ever… She is like Kelly on the office. and the 18 yr was weird too. They all wanted to take pictures with the two white dudes and they wanted us to visit them every day of the week. SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES We went running out of that house.

Well, that is basically my whole week. I hope that you all have gone well and that you can have a good coming week also. I love you all and hope the best for you!

Elder Searle

I don’t know what to put here

Hey everybody,

Everything is just about the same, so I figured that I would take this time to tell you about some cool people that we have found out here.

First, the lunch lady that we have has some pretty interesting beliefs that are hard on me sometimes. She doesn’t let us wash dishes, clean up, or help her cook because “There are women present” so…. That’s something I had never ever heard before….

Also there are some weird old dudes from the United States down here that speak in mixed up Spanish and English that already have been here for a long time. Dudes that are like 70 who are married to girls that are between 20 and 30. So… that’s also something I had never seen before

We also have some cool people who are starting to progress out here and it makes me super happy. We have found them all through member references, and I am super happy. We found someone who already has an answer to her prayers, and is going to leave her work to be able to go to church, and I think she is going to be the first person that I am going to help get married out here and we are going to baptize the whole family. Also, we found another couple that are super smart and are super interested in the message that we have, and they are ALREADY married!!! so… Those are all things that I had never seen before.

I have always gotten along very well with my companion, and we are going to have some miracles out here with everyone’s prayers. I am super excited and hope that everything works out in the way that it should. I am doing really well and hope that you are all doing well too. 

I love you all, and I hope you are all doing well spiritually, physically and emotionally

Elder Searle

Another week? I didn’t even realize

Hey everybody,

Basically everything is the same. There is no difference between the days, and at the same time, every single day is way different from all the others. I don’t know if you understand me, but it is something I imagine that every missionary understands.

I had something weird happen this last week. I bought a soap called Coast, not thinking about it and then afterwards I realized when I opened it that it is the same kind that dad always used…. So that was a little interesting. Now when I shower there are just a lot of homesick tears that rinse off my face… Hahahaha

I am getting along very well with my companion, and I think it is due to having to get along with my other companions that were a lot more difficult. I think you all would be surprised to know that I now know when to shut up, and how to have a calm conversation about two different opinions. I also don’t get so stressed out so fast, and I feel like I am becoming a better follower of Christ. I always look for something that I can do to help improve my ability to feel the spirit, and I recognize when I do something wrong because I feel it apart itself and I feel the need to repent. It is pretty cool. I never thought the spirit was literally your companion that just helps you do good stuff and stay away from bad stuff until I got out here and actually had some real experiences. I feel like if I wouldn’t have come out here, I would be super lost trying to recognize the spirit and never realizing what it actually was. 

We had zone conference this week, and one of the most interesting things that president talked about was that missionaries have a ton of time to study. An average faithful member studies about 15 minutes a day (an example that we made), and we did the math to find out that to be able to study as much as a full time missionary in 2 years, that same member would need to study for 20 years. So basically we receive 20 years worth of knowledge from the scriptures in 2 years, and as long as we apply our faith, we can receive the light and the truth that it gives us.  (D&C 88:118)

I am super happy, and am trying to get better every day. I love you all tons and hope you all have some good adventures this week.

Elder Searle

Its been another week

Time is all the same now. 

It has been a pretty good week. We have been working hard with the Zone, which has been an adventure, to see all the problems that they have and try to come up with the most important solutions. We also have a great need to get some stuff figured out in our own area. While we were on splits, I was working hard to get a missionary to not just go knock on doors all day long, and when I got back to my own area, my companion told me all the appointments fell through and so he was just knocking doors all day long and everyone rejected them. They didn’t find anyone new. It was the biggest face-palm moment of my entire life. We can’t teach something that we don’t do. And we can ́t help others if we don’t know how to do it. I hope to get all this goofy stuff fixed up so we can start working efficiently and have some success. 

We are finally in a super awesome ward, where we have ward council every week and coordination meetings too. The members leave work with us, and they help give fellowship and follow up to the people that we are visiting. Down here they always have a list of 5 families that they want to activate, and this is the first ward where they don’t just eternally assign those 5 families to the missionaries and wash their hands. They assigned ward families to visit them, visited all 5 and the next week 3 of the 5 were at church. It is going to be awesome to actually get some ward support out here, and what is going to matter most now is how we work. 
I am doing well personally. I am trying to be a better example for others. I am tired of leaders who always say one thing and can’t even do it themselves in their own areas. I want to be someone who does something and then asks others to do the same. Just as Christ did.

I just realized that I don’t have any pictures for you all this week, but next week I should have some. It has been good out here, and I am trying my best to stay encouraged and to have a good time helping others and focusing on the missionary work we have. I have been generally happy and doing good.

I love you all and pray for you too 😉

Elder Searle

New area, new everything

Hey everybody,

It has been a long and stressful week, but it has been good and I feel like a lot of growth is going to come out of where I am and what I am doing now. I feel like we are going to have a lot of challenges, but they are challenges that I have been waiting for. I feel like I overcame a lot in my last area, and like I am here for the next round of challenges. I am with another missionary from the USA, and it is a little weird but kind of nice honestly. We get along and get each others humor, and we don’t talk in English to show a good example and also because I hate English. 

We have little problems in our zone we are trying to get figured out, and it is going to go well for us if we can get things going here. Our area is doing okay, but is a little rough for the lack of people they were teaching. I am entering again in an area that the last guy just finished the mission, so when I got here it was a little rough. The house was a disaster and had a whole bunch of old clothes all over the place that a ton of missionaries had left behind, so we spent all morning cleaning that thing up nicely. We now live in a house where you can feel the spirit 🙂

I feel a little sorry for my companion sometimes, because he has more time in the mission here than I do, and almost every house we have walked into, the people have told us that I speak more fluently and that my accent is almost gone, and then they ask me how much time I have in the mission. I always just tell them I have been out here for almost the year mark. I don’t want to go home yet….

Leaving my last area wasn’t as hard as the first time, although I left people crying, this time I felt bad because I didn’t cry too. I am already used to the changes that we have to make out here, between areas and companions, and now everything is just normal. 

I have a leadership meeting tomorrow, and I think they are going to machete us to death in there, so pray for me to get to the hospital in time so that I don’t bleed out and die. President spends all his extra time sharpening his machete…

I love you all and have been praying for you all too, and I feel super good about everything at home. I am at like a 9.5/10 on basically everything that I feel. Just a little bit stressed about the new responsibilities, but I am sure that after about 2 weeks it will already be normal.

I love you all, uploaded goodbye photos, and also one of my new comp. I am pretty sure he wears size 26 pants…. so weak….

Elder Searle

Dudes, its a new year. We are all so old…..

Hey everybody,

It has been a while since I wrote a group email, but here goes nothing. I was traveling almost the whole last week, a little sick, but all good now. I got back to my area on Thursday, already knowing that they were going to transfer me. I am going to go back to my first zone, but in another ward and I am going as a Zone Leader. It is super complicated, but Elder Birnbaumer (my first companion in this area) is now in La Masica, as a district leader, so we will still get to see each other, and it will be in my first area too. I hope that it all turns out well. President called me and said that I was going to go there, and he said that it is because I have been obedient, a hard worker, and I teach the other missionaries well, so he needs me to just keep doing the same out there. I hope it goes well for me and that I can learn a whole bunch from the experience. 

It is hard to leave this area, I am happy and sad, and also hard to leave my companion even though in the beginning I wanted nothing to do with him. Now we have become one in Christ, and it is tough to leave him and others behind here. I know all will be well, and this time it is a little easier to say goodbye. I am used to having to just say goodbye to people and have to leave or have them leave. It is weird and I never thought I would get used to this. 

I hope to kill it in my next area. I have learned a lot here, and I think that the best advice that I could give any person, missionary or member, or nonmember or whatever it may be, is that we all need to learn to love repentance. Repentance is not just asking for forgiveness. It is a change of heart and lifestyle to fit better with what God wants for us. I pray every morning specifically for God to help me recognize ONE thing that I can do better the next day, and at the end of the day, I ask for help to be better at that thing the next day. The next day I put it in practice and try to find the next thing to work on. It may sound like a lot of work, but it is better than making a list of a million things that we need to do better and then doing nothing. I love feeling like I get just a little tiny bit better every day. It makes me feel like this is the true path of discipleship. I am satisfied with my life and my work out here and I am giving it my all. 

I love you all and know you are all doing well right now. I know you will keep doing well as we keep working out here in the Lord’s vineyard. I hope you go have awesome adventures in the snow and that you are all safe and having a good time out there. I love you tons and will talk to you all next week. 

Elder Searle


What’s up dudes?

Hey everybody,

It has been a good time out here this last week. Pretty normal honestly, just that I am getting along well with the whole district, and I am feeling pretty good about everything right now. We got all settled in to the new house, it is a million times cleaner, more comfortable and just better in general. I am super happy for it, and trying to get back into a good routine. 

I had to go to a leadership counsel this last Tuesday in San Pedro (8 hours away from home) and president inspired me to change a few things in his lesson thing. He talked about obedience like always, but he also talked about the anti-nephi-lehites, and how they didn’t first bury their weapons of war, but first, they abandoned their weapons of rebellion and stopped fighting against God. (Almas 23:7) He told us that we should make a list of things we want to do better, and abandon it. That we should make a covenant with God and destroy our weapons of rebellion. (Alma 24:15-18) I am trying to do better every day, and something that I have constantly heard from a few good members and from the mission president is that we already know everything necessary. If we lose our salvation it is because we wanted to lose it. It is not because we were ignorant to what we needed to do. It has made me ponder a little bit more in where we all stand in this fight.

Photos:Scorpion in the egg crate thing :/, comp filled a metal water bottle with water and froze it not thinking about it, weird letter I got from Sue Lopez? I dont even know who that is… but she also sent me popcorn and stuff, my eyeball real close to the camera

I love you all and am doing great. I hope you all are too and that you all keep taking care of yourselves. 

Elder Searle


Dudes. We are in December I just barely realized it

Hey everybody,

I have had an amazing week, in which I learned a lot and got to see some miracles. The biggest thing that I have learned here is that I am in this area to become a convert to the Lord. I am learning something new every day, and retaining the information because I am not just learning by studying, but by FAITH. Applying knowledge to our lives is what makes us better. We will be judged for all that is written, whether we complete with it or not, we already know it all. We have to apply it one principle at a time until we can become perfect.

One of the things that helped me more than anything else, was the conference talk that dad sent me, ¨Lord, is it I?¨ That is the question that if we all apply to ourselves, will let us be converts. If we are looking for problems in others to correct, unless we are perfect in that thing, we are wasting our time on this earth. This is our time to repent and get better so we can be the best when we get to God. If we spend it looking at others we might help them to look better than us in the last day. We have to look inward to be able to solve our problems, because we control how we think, feel and what we do, and in this way, we have control over everything. I applied this to my own life with my companion. I was thinking poorly of him, thinking he was upset and we had problems. For this, I felt poorly towards him, and did not act. I repented and talked to him, and now, I think well of him, love him as a brother, and was able to learn and apply many other things in my life. We are doing amazing right now. I am happy and great. Learning is the best, even when it hurts.

I also threw up this last week for the first time since I was with my trainer, and it was not so great of a day. But I think it was just from food poisoning, because I felt a ton better the next day and now I am all good. 

I found a scripture to chop up all of this disobedience in the premortal existence too, which I think will be cool to use now that Ben is in Elders quorum with his machete sharpened up and ready to go at it. It is in D&C 93:38 The whole chapter is good

We changed houses too, and it is amazing now. We have water and our bathroom is inside. It is also a lot safer. More information on that next week. 

I am glad to hear that Ben got ordained and that he has put in practice his priesthood already blessing mom. Those are some good experiences…
I am grateful to God about everything out here, and with everything at home. You have all been blessed and protected, and it is because I am 100% out here. I love you all and miss you sometimes, but I am with my family out here now and God helps me to be happy as I think about others more than myself. 

I love you all

Elder Searle

Fotos:Goodbye to elder Garcia, bible scriptures, old lady christmas tree, sunset, timbuk2 thing that i dont know what it is for


Hey fam, its been a minute

Hey everybody,

It has been a while since I last talked to you all, so I am only going to put the most important things that I have for you.

First, something spiritual that I liked from my scripture reading in the Book of Mormon this last week. In Alma 37:38-47 it is super awesome about explaining the simplicity of the Gospel. In 44 it says It is easy to give heed to the word of Christ. We must be the ones that make the Gospel hard to follow. Also, in Alma 37: 36-37, It talks about our thoughts and our affections and how we have to give them all up to the Lord, and to seek his counsel. In Jacob 4:4 it says to seek not to counsel the Lord. Prayer cannot be a constant wish-list, but rather, it needs to be the way that we receive orders from God. We should be asking what we can do for God, not just asking him to do stuff for us. 

Last week we went to Trujillo to go goof off with President and his wife, and the whole zone went. We went to the beach and I played Frisbee with a few buds, and I also wrestled 2 of the other elders in the sand. It was fun and super relaxing and I have a trillion pictures for you all so don’t worry. I had a tun of fun and it was one of the best P-days that I have had for a loooooong time. The only thing was that I didn’t get to call home, but it is all good. 

With my companion I am doing well. It is normal. Not too great but not too bad either. We have too much in common in our personalities I think. It is hard to be compatible in this situation, but I am here to learn something. We had transfers this week, and I am staying with the same companion in the same area. I am going to have three transfers with him, but this transfer is when the transfers start to be every 5 weeks, so I will only be with this one for 5 more weeks. I am going to be here for Christmas!!! Hahaha. que triste. Nah but I am all good. I have been focused on the work and feeling good personally out here. I have felt the spirit strongly and frequently and it is great.

Pictures that I have for you all:Bday of old lady, 1 year pics (my trainers tie that he left me), sleeping people, lobster!, gecko in my cup, the little bus that we all fit in (16 elders), trujillo, A sexy lady, bunch of selfies on the beach, wrestled in the sand, sharky, beer sign next to sharky that they took of me *palm face*, samuel (recent convert who fell off a motorcycle, lucky to be alive), weird hut?, christmas tree thing, Goodbye pictures??, Tarantula, bad ideas…, videos that were failed attempts, burned shirt, christmas time ya

I love you all tons, going to call as much as I can with my time. Glad to see that you have all been doing well. I love you so much and it is all downhill from here 😉 nah I don ́t wanna go home anymore 🙂

Love you all!!

Elder Searle


Its all down hill from here….

Hey everybody,

I am all good. In a zone activity with president, hanging out, and cannot write today. I am alive and will write you next week with a ton of pictures.


Love you all dudes

Elder Searle

We have to believe Christ, not just in him.

Hey everybody,

First, this week has been super busy with traveling and everything, but overall it is going pretty good. I am still doing well with my companion and have learned a lot from him. We didn´t sleep very well for quite a few days, and I have been freezing cold in the nighttimes here. I am dying with the fan turned all the way down. It rained super hard on saturday, and now we have more water than ever before. The tube just shoots it out and I feel like I´m in the USA sometimes…. 

I have been starting to do more exercise lately, and I am so weak. But I am going to get home with a 6 pack (from hunger and heat exhaustion) Nah just kidding. But for real I am going to work out more. 

I am just about to hit my one year mark, and I have to perform a ritual that we all must do. I am going to burn the worst shirt that I have. So be waiting for pictures of that this next week… Also, I am going to be able to start with fresh garments and a few new shirts 🙂

Elder Bednard spoke WITH us for 3 hours. I highlight the with because he didn´t speak at us, but he asked us open questions and let us ask him questions all night long. It was amazing. Also he is my favorite and I am glad I got to have such an amazing experience. I was like 10 benches away from him, and it was cool to see the spirit that he brings with him everywhere he goes. He spoke to us about how we have to believe Christ and not just in him. Also about how we can get revelation. A ton of things he said with help me for my whole life and I am glad to have been there for the experience. 

Photos: Pizza, district photo (Christmas!!), food

I love you all tons. I am doing great and hope to keep getting better! Glad to hear you are all well

Elder Searle