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11 Munths. ya me voy

Hey everybody,

Time has been going by so fast 🙁

I am doing alright with my companion, we were getting along super super awesome two weeks ago, (when I started to write this letter and the lights got shut off all night long), but this last week was not so great. I am trying to use all my time wisely and misuse none of it, and my companion is not in agreement. We wasted some time in a couple of houses, and my companion likes to talk a little bit too much with some of the female peoples we are visiting, so that’s cool… I guess we will see how it works out.

Edwin baptized his little sister, only 6 days after becoming a member himself, it was a really good experience. 

I tried a new study, which was to go through my patriarchal blessing and make a two sided list. Blessings, and requirements. I learned a lot and feel like I got a lot out of it. It is something good to see and to know. 

We had one of the 70s come to our mission and give us a lesson thing instead of having a zone conference this go around. He is called Elder Alan Walker, and it was really really good.  He spoke powerfully and I felt the spirit strongly. I have been feeling really really good lately, and honestly have had the spirit with me a lot more often as I am striving to be a better disciple of Christ. It has been a good experience. I feel calmer, with more peace and I find Joy in my everyday works. It has been a great blessing to try and continuously apply new doctrine to my life and be better every single day.

Also, the on November 16th, Elder David A Bednard is going to come to our mission and we are going to have a conference with him!!!!! It is going to be the best day of my life. He is my favorite.

For Halloween, I have no idea what is going to happen, or how they celebrate it here, but I don’t think they are going to do anything because we have heard nothing.

Even though I couldn’t write you this last week, I feel like it was a normal week. I have sacrificed it all to be here and I am trying to submit myself to the will of My Father. I have never seen such great blessings and tender mercies of the Lord, and in his infinite grace and goodness He has done much for me. He lives, and it is the most true thing that we can know.

I love you all, 

Elder Searle

Photos: The last one I am going to take with money I promise, Sunset/Rise, I can sew!!, Big baleada, the pineapple… mmmm…., baptism with Edwin and his sister :), Olanchito, Interesting popcicle, flying caterpillar, Christmas candy already?, Poprocks, gangsters


Another one bites the dust

Hey everybody,

It has been a real quick week, and gone by really fast out here. I am surprised to see that we are now in October. I just barely realized that… 

We had a baptism this week and it went really well. They are always the most stressful but most rewarding events down here, and I am excited to say that we are going to be baptizing for the next few weeks here too. This next week Edwin, (The one who got baptized right now) is going to baptize his little sister and I don´t think I will ever forget the experience to see that. 

My companion and I are doing quite a bit better and working hard to keep up our area. We want it to produce good fruit and keep getting better, and I want to leave this area a lot better than when I found it. I know that we are going to have a lot of success here soon and I am super excited. 

I want to share with you all the importance of something that I am learning right now, and it is mind control. It is very important to have for your own mind. Our mind and our thoughts is where everything starts, and if we have control of that, we control everything. The thing most important to understand is that we can only entertain one thought at a time, and as long as we are always trying to think positively and about Christ, we will eventually become like him. The thing is to train your mind to always do that. Hence, Mind Control.

Photos: My fathers last agenda, my face while playing with my camera, baptism, my companion had these $20 bills and it made me think of home when I was rich

I love you all and I have seen that you have all had good weeks. I hope you all have a good one and take care. I pray for you always and I am doing absolutely awesome!!!

Elder Searle 🙂

I feel like I am learning a lot and how to be more like an adult out here… That’s weird.


Been a though week…

Hey everybody,

My new companion is a bit difficult. Dude had some problems in his old area, and has now ¨repented¨ and is with me to learn how to be obedient. So the president trusts a lot in me, and he wants to see that I am able to handle challenges and do all that is possible to help a missionary stay out here. The thing is is that the dude has a big character and we run into each other a bit. It has been one of the hardest challenges I have faced in the mission, but it is not the worst week I have ever had, just the hardest. If that make sense. I am glad for the challenge, and it will be interesting to see how it all ends up. I hope to learn to learn a little bit better and I hope I learn a lot from this experience. 

General Conference was super awesome, and most of what I noticed is that they talked a lot about Satan and how he works. They talked a lot about how we need to keep our covenants too, and I think that it is very interesting how they have touched those two subjects so many times. Like a third of the talks talked about Satan, and I think it is a clear warning about what is coming in this world. The prophet and his apostles are getting us ready, and cleaning our blood from their garments. Very interesting.

Pictures:Sun set, Jamo, light switch that I put in the house, PISTO (money), I like the one with the angry face

Love you all, glad to hear you are all well and that you freeze your butts off in the mountain.

Elder Searle


Dudes. I’m sad now :(

Hey everybody,

This week has been super awesome. We have had a ton of good work and been doing really awesome as a companionship. We are super strong and I actually love the dude like a brother. The worst thing that has happened is that we received some bad news last night. There have been emergency transfers, and they are going to take my companion out of here and send him to another area. They are going to send him to La Masica, (my first area). I am super sad that he is leaving, and I don´t understand why it had to be him after all of his hard work and now he wont get to see the fruits of it. Poor guy:( They are sending me some guy from San Pedro, so I guess we will see what happens in the next few days here. 

We had zone conference this last week, and it was really really good. I feel super enthusiastic and super good to keep working and keep on going out here. Our mission president is very awesome, and I am super glad for all he does. He is helping me to become a true disciple of Christ, and it feels good to know that we are being led by a strong leader. Also, it is just about to be general conference time, and I can´t wait for it! I am super excited. Also, Elder Bernard is going to be coming out here in November, and he might get to talk to our whole mission, and might be announcing the temple breaking ground!!!! How exciting. He is my favorite, and I hope that he gets to come out to us.

Photos:Sister always sleeps with her mouth open…, foods, sexy boots, saying goodbye with my companion

I am doing really well. I have seen that all of you are too. I love you all tons

Elder Searle


Week Was Super Awesome

Hey everybody, 

My week has been amazing. We have found all the success that we have been looking for for so much time, and it was such an amazing experience. I am super glad for all of your prayers from home, and for having helped me to stay motivated in your letters and such. We found a ton of families this last week, and had 7 investigators at church yesterday. 5 of them have baptismal dates already, and 3-4 of them are really sound. We are super excited to be working super tough out here and seeing the fruits for giving it all of our work. 

My comp and I have been doing well, and although not perfect, we are both getting along well and trying to be better people everyday. I am super glad to be with him for this next transfer, and I hope that we reap some rewards of our hard work out here together.

I am doing well, glad for your prayers, and for your love and support. I am lost out here in the work and the time passes by real quick. I have already been out here for 10 months, and I am so excited to think that I still have more than half of my mission ahead of me for at least a little while longer. It is amazing and I regret nothing. 

Pictures : Little Possum we found dead in our back yard getting eating by a million ants (it is still there today, 4 days later), Ice Cream… It was crappy, but there was a lot of it… America

I love you all and am glad to have heard you all had a good week. 

Elder Searle


Time Goes By Too Fast

Hey everybody, 

It has been a really long week and a little stressful too, and all the appointments that we had here fell through EVERY SINGLE DAY. We were in the street contacting all day long and it is super hot and sunny outside all the time.

What has been good is that I have been having really good studies and feel like I am learning quite a bit of the doctrine and getting a little bit smarter.
We also have one person who is progressing really fast and we are going to get baptized here real quick. He is already reading the book of Mormon by himself a whole bunch, and he understands and applies the doctrine to his life so quickly it is amazing. 

I have a video of how to pull a quarter out from under a match without making it fall over for you all to watch, so enjoy.

Love you all tons, I Hope the best for you all!!

Elder Searle



Just a bunch of pics

Dad : Nathan’s email was pretty short, and not too much to share, so here are some recent random pics. 5 gallon bucket shower picture should make you grateful for a good shower each morning.

Another week dudes

How are we all doing?

I forgot my journal of stuff to write you all today in the house, so I am just going to wing it. This last week a bee bit me in the hand and it is the second time in my whole life that it has happened and that thing hurts a little bit. We have been working super hard and having quite a bit of troubles, but at the same time success. I finally know what Utah feels like, (in some aspects). 

Me and my companion get along well, the district is going well and they are going to have some baptisms this week.

I have been working on taking control of my mind, as our president has taught us that is where the mission is failing. We lose the war in our heads, and then we can´t fight anymore because we already lost the first step. It is like a wrestling match a little bit. If you see the Goliath that you are going to fight, and you lose before you step foot on the mat, you have already lost a battle without fighting. We are learning and trying to work on this a lot in this mission, and it is going well. I feel like I am learning a lot and getting to be a true disciple of Christ.

I hope to be able to keep getting better always, and that is one of the things that I was going to talk to you about. The two talks that president Nelson had this last conference were to help the family grow and have exaltation. Our president told us that it is absurd to live in the celestial kingdom without being exalted, and even though salvation is personal, exaltation is familiar. The other one in the priesthood session is hard to hear but very much needed in this world with where we are going. It actually motivated me a bunch.

Love you all tons!

Elder Searle

Another Week…

It has been another long and hot week here in Olanchito, and it was pretty rough too. I feel like I am finally getting that butt kicking missionary work in, where you put in all that you can, get so close, and everything falls through. We had no one come to church this last week, and had 6 baptismal dates put up that also fell through for that. We had people kick us out of their houses, close the door on our faces, yell ¨it´s the Mormons!!!¨ close the door and pretend that they were not home, pastors tell us weird stuff they read in the bible but when we ask them where it was written they all the sudden forgot every scripture ever, and a whole bunch of awesome stuff like that. Aside from all of those things, I am actually in pretty good shape, as I get along really really well with my companion, and it has been a great blessing for the both of us. We are working super hard, and even though the work is tough, we just keep moving forward with it. Aside from our own area, the district is actually doing pretty well, so I must being doing some sort of good out here. 

We are also getting in some really good studies, and are starting to teach a lot more with the book of Mormon. The missionaries here have gotten too adapted to teaching out of pamphlets, that we forget about the most important tool that we have, and everyone here is using the book of Mormon a lot more now. We are also studying scriptures to kill apostasy here with my companion, and it has been pretty fun. I guess we will see how it goes for us in these next few weeks.

Pictures:My lego army, the new razorblade that is going to bring me to my one year mark…..

Love you all!

Elder Searle


Long but good week

Hey everybody,

We have had a pretty amazing week out here, with the zone conference, interviews, and a few amazing experiences. In the zone conf, they really drilled it in to us that our attitude is everything, and that those who have bad attitudes and bad experiences out here are the ones who don´t want it to go well for them. It was really good, and has actually helped us a lot to work a little better and be a little happier.

Interviews with the president went well, and talking with his wife went well too. We all finally learned what it is like to have the machete sharpened and used on us now, which is good and helps us to stay well in line. The whole mission just got their hair cut like I have it, and I just sat back and laughed while everyone cried…. hahaha! 

President also took my district out to lunch because one of my elders had his birthday, so that was cool. Dude is super awesome and is finally preparing us for the life after the mission too. It is amazing.
We had a ton of success this weekend, including putting up baptism dates, getting people lined up, and finding a ton of people ready to progress. My district is also doing really well too, and we are going to be killing it out here soon with the numbers we are putting up.

I also dream in 100% Spanish now and it is kind of weird. this hour with you is the only time I work in English my whole life now…

Photos:half of the district, my companion, me up and ready to go to zone conf at 2 in the morning (shoes polished and everything)

Elder Searle


Two weeks here already… I am so tanned

Hey everybody,

It has been a good week, and we have worked super hard out here so far. The district is going really well too, and it has been nice to have a role of leadership, and get a little taste of everything in my district. I am DL over the Zone leaders, and we have to “keep each other in line” which makes it a little more interesting.

In the house, we have almost no water, only late at night, and it makes it hard to do the simple little things like shave, brush your teeth, and wash your hands, let alone shower. It is a little more difficult, but it is a good challenge to work with. We finally have someone who can do our laundry which is super awesome, and been a good relief on the back. We also always have food here, and it has been nice to not fight hunger always, even though the food is a bit different. Yesterday I ate pigs foot. It is super super hot and really really dry, and I end up wanting to die just waiting for the sun to go down every day so that I don’t actually die. 

We have some weird Utah stuff here that goes on too, like the classic old guy in the ward that just talks the whole testimony meeting with the same old man story, and he also argues in Sunday school class with everyone about random weird stuff… Also we have really crummy ward council and we don’t get anything done or make any decisions…. So at least the church is the same in all parts of the world, right? Hahaha Face palm so hard

My new comp is super awesome, and we are helping each other in many things. I have never gotten upset with him, we work well together, we are both learning and trying new things, and getting along really well. Dude reminds me quite a bit of Ben, and is super spiritual, humble, and obedient. It has been a super good experience so far. 

The district is working really hard and really well together, and it has been a good time for me so far. I finally got the “new start” that I needed, and I finally get along really well with everyone in the district. First time since my first district, and it has been super awesome. Also, having new responsibilities and work to do have been super good for my energy and mindset.

I feel like I am at 100% even though it is super hard, and even though we have our moments, the Lord makes it clear that he has not forgotten us. He is always so close, waiting to see how far we get, cheering us on, and then swooping in when we don’t quite get there.

I love you all, hope you have had a good week!

Elder Searle