Author: erika

Nathan cleaning fish

Aaron taught Nathan how to clean a fish.  You should have seen the green color of his face.  Needless to say we have convinced him that catch and release fishing is the best.

Fish Lake 2009

Benjamin caught 1 fish this year.

Nathan caught 1 fish this year

Aaron caught 4 fish this year

and I caught 9 fish this year.  I win!  It sure beats being skunked last year.  I was the only one who didn’t catch any fish the year before.  I caught the first fish on both days we were there too.

It was really windy and cold on the 2nd day there.  Maybe next year we will have an ice shelter.

The Draper Temple

In January I took Nathan and Benjamin to the Draper Temple Open House.  We really enjoyed it.

West Fest 5-K

We ran in the West Fest on Sat. June 28, 2008. This was our 2nd 5K race and I was determined to beat my 1st race time. The last couple of weeks training Aaron was too busy with work and church to really keep training with me. I was running slower with the temperatures going up and running after dropping the boys off at school in the morning. Well I did run faster and it was a good race. Wish there were more trees to run in the shade and I should have picked it up a little sooner and beat Aaron. That would have been sweet. Better luck to me next time.

  • Erika’s Time 33:58
  • Aaron’s Time 33:17