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Hey everybody…

Hey everybody, 

This week has been pretty normal, went by fast and took forever at the same time, and nothing too amazing happened. The most amazing thing is that we have a new investigator named Abi, who is just a miracle. Me and my companion both were walking and just stopped at the same time, we both felt the prompting to return to a certain house we had just passed and contact there. We went, and talked to the owner of the house for about 15 minutes, who seemed to have little to no interest in our message. Then, just before leaving, he introduced us to his daughter, we shook her hand and left. About 3 days later we returned, and taught the daughter the Restoration of the Gospel and felt really good about it. She is really smart and receptive to our message and fully embraced it all. Then we taught the Gospel of Christ a few days later, and I felt the need to invite her to baptism, my companion was a little scared to do it so early, but I invited her all the same and she accepted instantly. We gave her a date for three weeks from now, and I am just amazed at how prepared she was for us. 

One more thing, I experienced an accident closer to my body than I would ever care to have again. I could have reached out and touched the motorcycle that was involved, without even fully extending my arm. Granted it was just a motorcycle hitting a dog, but all the same I did not enjoy watching such a horrible image. 

Love you and hope you are all doing great!

Elder Nathan Searle

I ( dad ) thought it would be good to share a bunch of pictures from Nathan today. These go from good to kind of rough. So enjoy the flowers, but make sure you are done eating by the time you get to the bottom of this post.

Flowers and various trees

People from his branch

Nathan and comp have a friendly gecko / lizard / mice problem. They decided to kill a mouse with the plunger. Then learned to go get mouse traps.

Food from last month.
Top : Breakfast of champions includes vanilla cookies. BBQ chicken, then some Animal Crackers.
Bottom : Sad plate of rice, hotdogs with mustard, fried egg and what looks like sour cream. Bottom middle looks to be large family meal, with lots of fruit. Last picture is tuna, noodles and an egg. Have guilt as I was posting this, with a nice piece of Pi Pizza on my plate. 😐

Week somewhere between 1-104 ish

Hey everybody!

This week has been my first week that I have felt really settled in here, and this week I have actually felt pretty normal without anything too exciting going on. We have been doing awesome on our goals and going out and contacting, and this week we are going to put up a ton of dates for baptisms, hopefully.

Our biggest problem is just getting people to church, as everyone lives really far away and they only have one bus that goes through each town. It is a bus that is smaller than Vince ( The Searle Adventure Van that Pa Searle loves to hate ) , but I have seen about 30 people get out of it in one day. We have been having more people come to church which is awesome, and with hope we might have a ward instead of a branch here in a couple months.

I am super excited to be out here and just keep feeling better about it every day and every second. The Spanish is coming so fast and I have seen the gift of tongues in my life and I know my companion has too, as he seems to be taken by my ability to teach and use analogies in the lessons. There is no place I would rather be right now than in the mission, and I would not give up these experiences for anything as they are what is most important. There is a whole bunch of things that I miss from home and just miss being able to do, but with sacrifices we receive blessings more than we can hold.

Feeling like I am doing good with my health in all aspects for the most part, getting skinny, tan, able to see my veins in my arms again, working out every day, and probably going to leave masica with a six pack if I keep eating rice and doing sit ups like I have been haha. But I have seen the downside of this as well…

This week I had my first, very outspoken “Guiper” Translation-someone who flirts with you with no embarrassment. We were walking on one side of the street, almost to our house, and we saw these three ladies on the other side of the street coming towards us, so we go to say “buenas” as we do with everyone, and before my companion even got to the “bue-” one of the ladies across the street made the loudest kissing noise with her mouth you’ve ever heard and said “mmmmmmmm pero que Rico Gringo” while rolling all of her r’s. (Translation is roughly “that’s a nice looking gringo”) so that was nice. We both barely made it into the house before bursting out laughing, and my face was quite red up until that point as it was not something I was expecting that day. And, now that I noticed that, I noticed that there is a ton of people here that do the same thing with the missionaries. Classic women… haha 😉

Remember that time we got soaked in the rain because we didn’t have umbrellas or jackets or anything? Remember when I promised myself to always be prepared to never let it happen again? Well welcome to the jungle where it is sunny all morning and soaks you to death the whole way back to your house about a 30 minute walk. I actually enjoyed this rain a lot more than the other, and I took some pictures of myself soaking wet in the house afterwards.

I also caught my finger in one of the mouse traps that I have a picture of, they are too hardcore for the mice that we have in our house, because they eat all the food and don’t set the traps off, so of course I grab the trap and go to put more food on it, not realizing that it hadn’t gone off yet, and you can guess the rest. Don’t worry though it isn’t broken and it only bled a little bit because of the teeth on the trap. Everything is fine for reals.

I love you all and hope you are all doing great! I am doing great and hope you all keep up on your studying and prayers and just the simple things you need to do every day to keep progressing

Love you!!

Elder Nathan Searle


2+ months

Wow it has already been 2 months…I cannot believe how fast the time flies out here! My companion has 15 months out here and he is super “baggy” which is like trunky I guess. The missionary slang out here is weird. He is counting down the days and I don’t know why. I wish I had more time out here and am actually kind of sad to think that it is almost 10% gone. Holy cow. 

Okay weird things I ate this week : An entire crappy pizza by myself (first meal for a day) Armadillo meat 🙁 I found out that most animals taste really good as long as you don’t think about how cute they were before you put them in a taco and inhaled them haha. I am also gaining an appetite for all sorts of new foods out here now. I love tomatoes now and cucumbers and just about any food that gets set in my pathway.

I don’t have a picture, but the way that people fish here is amazing. They just have a harpoon with an eyelet on the end that has about a billion rubber bands on it, then they pull it back and shoot any fish within like a 12 inch radius. I wish that we could get in the water so that I could try it just to say I had done it.

There are about a billion geckos around here, along with every other animal you could imagine, just roaming the streets continually, and this week I had a gecko somehow get onto my sleeve. When I felt it move I reached back and flicked it off and screamed like I was about a 5 year old girl. It was at a members house thank goodness but I don’t think I am ever going to hear the end of this one from my companion…

I fell asleep on my knees again, this time on the cement that is more chopped up than that in our driveway. It was an even longer night than the one in the MTC. I am also starting to get cold in the night which I didn’t think was posible. I am cold right now because of the rain for 3 days straight. I’m going to die when I come home in the winter time… 

Some of my written quotes:

“The best audience is one that is strapped down” – E. Ehlert

“You can’t overdo it on water, unless you drown, then you’ve overdone it”-E. Searle

Okay I am going to tell you more about my companion. He is from Uruguay, speaks only Spanish except for some really broken English that I have been trying to help him with. We both teach and learn together in all things. He is 25 years old, so there is a bit of an age gap between us, but we get along really well and work well together in lessons and in all things. He is obedient, and is probably one of the most obedient missionaries we have out here, as I have heard and seen that quite a few missionaries out here go home early do to problems. He is really good at establishing relationships with people and explaining complicated terms to the investigators, but has told me time and again that he can’t for the life of him remember where scriptures are at, which is where I come in during the lessons. I am glad that we complete each other as teachers, and I know this companionship was giving through revelation. He has only read the book of Mormon all the way through one time in his life, and that took about 12 months of his mission, which is amazing to me that we truly can convert people through the smallest and simplest of truths. I love him and we are growing together well.

Pictures this week:Beach, last p day. Mouse at other missionaries house. Zone conference this last week (sorry for the blurry closeups, it was a competition to see who could zoom in all the way and get a good picture of the other one). Before and after my third haircut in the mission (note that I smiled with teeth). Our pathetic fire of grass in our yard. A birthday party of a member in the ward last night. And finally me trying to show you all how clean my teeth are because I have been taking good care of them out of fear.

I love you all very much and continue to pray for you all daily. I hope that your testimonies all continue to grow and that you all continue to strengthen your relationships with others and just with everyone. Some scriptures I read this week that speak very powerfully that I wanted to share: Mormon 7-9. Especially v. 21-25,26 ish in 9 that talk about answers to prayers in Christ’s name and his disciples work.

It is a great time to be on the earth and be a missionary!

Much Love,

Elder Nathan Searle

Week 8

Hey everybody!I am doing awesome out here, been crazy busy and just all sorts of crazy stuff that happens every day out here. First, some more things about Honduras:We are in the poorest mission of the world, but its also the best mission (that’s what my mission president said so it must be true;) 24 Lempiras are worth 1 american dollar here. We buy bags of water (5oo ml) for 3 lempiras, and everything is real cheap except for travel is a bit more expensive and we have to travel a lot. We are quite poor, but eat lunch and dinner with members just about every day. We were going to go hiking today, but we had a change of plans and are now going to the beach this afternoon, so next week you will get some pictures of the beach, and the week after, some pictures of the mountains while I am out hiking. 

There is a staple food here called baleadas, which is beans and eggs in a tortilla shell, and then you just add things as you feel rich. The first one was alright, and now they are all great. I am going to get fat if I don’t starve to death. My stomach took about 9 days to adjust and be okay with this climate and food, and now I am never not hungry so that’s great… It rains all day when it rains, and it rains mercilessly. We got caught off guard one day and got soaked… That won’t happen to me again haha

Other things: There is a song called “one by one” written by Elder Bednar that is pretty good that we heard in the MTC. Elder Bednar is my favorite apostle now aside from the prophet because he always seems to talk about the things I need to hear.

Alright, spiritual experiences:We baptized two people yesterday after church, and confirmed them right there too. We have a font that is a laundry tub thing without the laundry part. (you will get a picture of my laundry stuff after this) it was great and we have at least 2 more baptisms this month that we know of so far. I can’t wait for them!

Going to send some pictures of the baptism, the laundry bin thingy we use, a member named “F” who lives in our district but not our area, my new district of 5, and a meal that “F” cooked for us after our district meeting last week.

I love you all very much and I am grateful for all of your support while I am out here. It has been a good week, and we are coming up on two months here soon… I can’t believe how fast it has gone, and it only seems to be speeding up!

I love you all tons and tons!

Elder Nathan Searle

Note from dad : We got some pictures today. Looks to be a small frog, spiders that need to be baptized by fire, awesome wood missionary tag. Then the great ‘laundry’ system, Felix and Felix’s lunch ( fish ) & the kids they baptized this week.


First Week In Honduras

I have had the longest week ever. Before we left for Honduras, we got to go to the temple, which was very spiritual and a bit different. It is a good place to be always. The airports were way way ghetto and I didn’t enjoy them much, but we made it here safe and its my last time on a plane for 2 years.

In the MTC I experienced my first time falling asleep on my knees praying. It was a long night sleeping on my knees and I’m sure it won’t be my only out here. 

Honduras is sooooo hot. We have the 2nd biggest area in our whole mission, and it is only me and Elder C (mi mission padre) out here. We are on a bus for about an hour every day to travel to other small satellite cities nearby. I have seen many weird things, but it is pretty nice here. My companion doesn’t speak a lick of English and it is the best. I have been learning Spanish a lot faster now. We have our own laundry tub thing in our apartment and I am going to do laundry tonight by scrubbing everything by hand. It is a long way from home out here….

In church we have to bless and prep the sacrament each week, which will be good. We have a branch of about 40 people right now, and it is a very small building. Their is a billion dogs running around out here everywhere and I don’t like them. We also have 3 baptisms next week… Already!! I can’t wait to have my first baptisms already, and even though I didn’t plant the seed, harvesting the fruit is still a good thing too. I got to have a couple lessons with them so it is all good. I was brutally ill yesterday after church. We returned to our apartment and didn’t leave for the rest of the day. Food poisoning times 100…. No me gusta.

Okay, hope you all are doing good and I didn’t forget to say anything important. I love you all so very much!!

Elder Nathan Searle

Note from mom/dad : Nathan sent us pictures for the first time ( Not allowed to upload in MTC ), and we decided to share a bunch of them. Some of them are his zone, the MTC & Temple, few of a visit to local zoo, and then his humble apartment in Honduras.

In Honduras

From Mission President :

Dear Family,

We are pleased to have your son, Elder Searle  here in our mission.  He arrived last evening late, Wednesday, Jan 2, and was assigned his new companion this morning, Elder C from Uruguay. They will be serving in the Miramar Zone in the town of La Masica, Honduras.

We have a blog you might want to check out – and a Facebook page – Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission 2016-2019.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve with your son.

President and Sister Carlisle



Update from MTC

Hey everybody!

This week has been kind of slow and not too dramatic in any way.

Spiritually, we have been growing as a district and having more spiritual experiences here and it is great! My companions and I have been walking in to some awesome lessons and have been feeling more and more ready for the field. We have all also been talking in Spanish and forgetting some of the harder words in English we used to know. It is awesome and I love it! I also got to bless the sacrament again this last week, and I didn’t start the wrong prayer this time haha

I was actually made district leader, which is a humbling opportunity to serve those around me and I am excited for the opportunity. We basically got two preparation days last week with this place being shut down trying to receive the new people. The zoo was awesome and we almost got to feed the giraffes, but we missed our chance sadly. I was going to hug one. 🙁 I am also now the tallest person here in our branch since Elder F was pushed out in to the field so that is weird.

Love you all, doing awesome out here,

Elder Nathan Searle

Week 3 Update

[Comments from dad, Rigil is a goat we took backpacking earlier this year, up by Kings Peak. This letter is mostly unedited, and I think Nathan must be learning Spanish well, because his English skills are falling apart ]

This week’s experiences:
I asked one of my Spanish teachers, how do you say “no pain, no gain” as a joke for lifting weights everyday and being made fun of for it, and then I realized that that applies to more than just physical pain, which wasn’t too deep, but a good thing to keep in mind. I have also further ingrained that every day in life, not just in here, is exactly what you make of it. To the point that you could get hit by a school bus, whether or not that day was a good or a bad day comes down to your attitude. It is a good thing to keep in mind while not achieving perfection, but being asked for it.

Rules of 3: If for any reason at all you see something in the scriptures, here something in a talk, or have a spiritual experience with something, or any combination of those things, if it happens 3 times or more it is because God is trying to teach you something about that. There is several times that this has happened to me this last week, some of the following are included:

The Lord God brings to pass his work by Simple Words ( in Jacob 7, I believe twice)
It may not be doctrine, but God feeds his sheep “one by one” ( 3 Nephi 11 ) I think that if it is at all possible, the Saviors atonement is eternal and infinite, because He suffered for us one by one. As a whole, we are all covered under the atonement, and it would have taken an eternity to have that experience one by one, but is God not all powerful? Is our conception of time not limited on this world? Just my thoughts

Also I have further ingrained my belief that God wants to answer our prayers quickly and perfectly because He is such a loving being. I would invite you all to start every morning and every evening this week with a prayer on your knees and just dump your heart out to God each time. I promise you you will find blessings and answers if you do this.

Okay random stuff this week:
I am up to 68 sneezes since I left home (Yes I have been counting)
I have been getting buff like crazy. I lift for one hour every day and by the time one muscle group is finally not sore any more, I am already using it again. The fatigue helps me to burn off steam and keep my stress down. I am losing weight, looking good and feeling very mentally healthy. I am going to come back with a 6 pack and not be a toothpick.
The “vets” left this week and we are taking their place now. We are halfway through the MTC!! That is crazy right? My first week felt like 6 years, but looking back on it I have also only been gone for 15 minutes. Crazy
I dreamed about Rigil the Goat the other night… Protecting him from like 9 wolves in our front yard, so yeah now that goat has scarred me twice ha ha. I have been having weird dreams here but I can rarely remember what they are about so I figured I should write that one down.
The nights here have been pretty cool, I was expecting hot all the time, but I get a little chilly under just my sheet when we leave the window open all night
I never realized how terrible English was until I was trying to teach my teachers how to use phrase verbs such as “get away, get at, get out” they all use the same verb, but have vastly different meanings

Interesting things about Guatemala:
Everyone just honks their horn for like 25 minutes when they are trying to merge, and people here are kind of low key scary drivers. Motorcycles in between cars like nothing I have seen before
Christmas down here is going to be way different. Everyone is shooting off fireworks like crazy, and it is way loud. They told us we probably won’t get to sleep at all on Christmas eve so that will be fun. They also have a “Devil day” which I think was on the 6 or 7, but they get like a scarecrow of a devil and burn it in their front yards to represent overcoming sin, and they all burn them at exactly 6 pm, so our building filled with smoke about 5 minutes later. On the same day, our Spanish teacher said any fireworks that go off that day are lit by people who are worshiping the devil, not trying to overcome sin. Thought it was interesting and a good change in the “tradition” from home. I’m glad we always changed it up, because everyone here is pretty homesick for their Christmas traditions

I have had my hard moments with leadership and companions, but I am doing well and in good health. Figuring things out and becoming more of an adult every day. I have also increased my testimony by milestones every single day in this MTC. The Lord truly does have a magnificent work out here that He is doing.

I love you all very much and I do miss you, but I am glad to have a strong home base filled with people I know will always love and support me no matter what.

Elder Nathan Searle

Week 2

Hey everybody!

Spiritual experiences I had this week:

Elder E and I were asked by the sisters to give them a blessing, and I have never spoken by the spirit in such a way. It was an amazing experience. Next, we took our morning on Saturday to go to a Catholic girl’s school across the street and served them by cleaning classrooms, gardens, and windows. I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish and bear my testimony on fast Sunday in Spanish too. Both were amazing and strengthening experiences to me. We got to fast for 24 hours whether we wanted to or not, which is one of the first times I have attempted this, and it is a good thing to try out. I also memorized my first scripture in Spanish, which is Nephi 3:7.

Elder E is teaching me sleight of hand tricks when we have down time and I’m getting pretty good, so watch your wallets when I get back home haha 🙂 I haven’t had to buy anything that I forgot, and I have about a million pounds of books to haul with me now. Please keep sending pictures of your adventures together and just of home! I love you all so much and I pray for you in English and Spanish every day.

I testify that the gift of tongues is real and that there are no coincidences in this world. God is real and he knows us and loves us so much that He sacrificed his Son for us. And that wasn’t easy, but he did it willingly because He loved us so much that He couldn’t bear to not be able to live with us again. God loves us so much.

I love you all so much and I hope you are all doing well.

I love you,

Elder Nathan Searle

Week 1 – CCM == MTC

When we arrived we did not stop moving all day long and we had the longest day of our lives!

This week has felt like a year! I can’t wait to see that new world haha. It has been a long week but I am feeling a good grove coming along. It helped with the stress to have a good routine going on, and although it is sweaty, we manage to stay cool enough here to be comfortable. The weather is really nice, and changes every day.

My companions names are Elder O and Elder E. We are all from Utah, and all headed to San Pedro Sula East. Typical day is Breakfast, classes for several hours until lunch, then switch teachers for more lessons in the afternoon. We have gym in the afternoon as well, which makes it even hotter to work out. I put a lot of time on a fake “stationary” bike. Food is good. Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day, because I wake up not feeling ready to try new things, but I manage it most of the time. The food is like school food plus 5 ish on a scale of 1-10 so not too bad. We get to attend the Temple on P days, which are on Tuesdays every week that I will be here.

We study Spanish all day long, and it is coming quickly, the gift of tongues is real and we have started to teach fake lessons already. I can pray in Spanish and bare my testimony in Spanish too, which is a great blessing.
I can’t list all the things I miss most completely, or I’d be at this computer until midnight, but here is a short list of things I would kill a man for:
My bike, a box of Kleenex, a shower stall that is twice as big, my own AC, and to be able to go outside these walls…

It is good to be in the CCM (MTC in Spanish). It feels good to know that I am doing the Lord’s work now and I am on his timeline. We have been in classes all day, and the Spanish is coming well. The Gift of Tongues is very real and we are all found with it here. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it is coming quickly.

The companion I was supposed to have stayed home do to a broken toe, so I am in a trio with Elders O and E. They are wonderful servants of the Lord. They each have their strengths and weaknesses as we all do, and we get along well for the most part.

We got to go to the temple this morning. It is a very small temple, but I was overwhelmed with the Spirit of the Lord and poured my soul out to God. I have a lot of love for God, or I would not be here, and this confirms my testimony in all things. My testimony grows stronger every single day and I love this place.

Nathan @ MTC

Hey everybody,
Been in the MTC for about 4 hours now. It is crazy and busy, and very sweaty. We are right next door to the temple, which is very beautiful. Armed guards and a big fence outside… To keep us in? Or keep them out?

It will be a long day, only slept on the second flight for a few hours. Heard that my P day is going to be on Tuesday.

Love you all,
Elder Nathan Searle

PS I keep forgetting to introduce myself as Elder, and I can’t remember anyone’s names 🙁