Month In Review

Month In Review

This has been a wicked crazy month, so crazy I have not updated the website for an entire month.  We have had some fun adventures as a family, here are the highlights:

Most important : Erika and I have been working diligently starting up a Not-For-Profit bike shop. It is called Karma Bike Shop. We are planning on 4~6 events a year, where we will tune up and fix flat tires on bikes for free. If you feel like helping out, go to the webpage and do what you can. I’m really grateful for some legal help from some folks at work, the cash and bike donations that have already rolled in. We have our first event this weekend, at the Magna Festival.

Boys started school this week, and are really excited. They both had fun at scout camps this summer, did tons of bike riding and have been helping us get recycled bicycles back up and running. The boys and I went on a fathers and sons camp and had a wonderful time.

Our poor little car is giving us trouble, looks like some transmission problems. We would be really sad to see our car die. Hopefully it will all work out OK.

I finished my second Triathlon a couple weeks ago.  Did better than last year, but off from my goal time.  I hoped for 2 minutes quicker per event. In the swimming and cycling I met my goal, however I stunk up the running.  My left leg was cramping up from the beginning, and I just could not run at my top speed. Total time was 1:33.45 ( 4th place in age group )

I cleared 1,000 miles for the year on the new bike.  Here are the stats for the year:

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