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September 5, 2011

Car Lite Life

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With our little old car dying, we have been exploring some options for transportation. Luckily, we have been downsizing, minimizing and simplifying our lives for several years now. We were discussing this weekend how we were really happy that we have been reading up on minimalism, and reading information on car lite lifestyle. We all have nice bicycles, know good routes around town, and are in good shape for riding them too. We’ve been walking to stores, minimizing our trips to stores, and staying well planned with our one car.

As part of our first test for Car Lite, we decided to pick up a rental car for the long weekend. When we got to the car rental place, Erika and I joked how funny it would be to get one of those tiny Fiat 500 cars. As luck would have it, that is what we got:

We have been learning that renting a car for the weekends can be super cheap, we even found this deal for $9 a day on the weekends until May 2011. Enterprise Weekend Deal

It is interesting that some people have been so worried about what we are going to do. Some are frustrated that we don’t have a car for some reason too. Best of all is all the wonderful people that have been offering help, and calling when they go to the store, and such. We will be grateful to take you up on your offers, and are glad for the help.

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