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May 18, 2012

Do What Is Right

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Just some early morning thoughts….

I’ve always had a great experience ( although initially scary or painful at times) when I did what was right. We have been working with our sons, teaching this principle and instilling this into them. It is tough sometimes to stand up for what is right, but the consequences are good, and knowing you did it is rewarding.

Sometimes it is standing up to the bully at school picking on someone for being a different nationality or race. Perhaps being the friend to the outcast, visiting those that need help, or speaking out against something you know is wrong. It may be hard, but standing up for what is right is what we all must do, even if we stand alone.

Now onto service…

Giving our time and effort to others has great reward. I’ve enjoyed volunteering my time leading teenage boys in Boy Scouts and other activities, teaching at my church, working on bikes for Karma Bike Shop, and serving at the local food bank.

Service give us the opportunity to help others, as well as to realize how blessed we really are. A good remedy for boys that only think of themselves, is to give them opportunity to go help those in need. Hearts are softened, perspective changed, attitudes corrected and deep inside their minds gratitude and respect for each other grows.

Find time to serve someone, there will be opportunity presented each day. Seize the moment and do good for someone around you.

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