Epic Bicycle Crash

Epic Bicycle Crash

Wrote this short story for the claims  specialist person at the insurance company.  Hope it brightens their day….

An Epic Bicycle Crash

By Aaron Searle 

July 4th, 2012 – It was a nice hot July Independence day. My entire family had this great idea to go ride our bicycles together. That morning I had to make the important decision to ride my fixed gear bike, my commuting bicycle, my beater bicycle, or my shiny red road bicycle. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to take my road bicycle on our ride.

As you may or may not know, road bikes often have pedal systems that require you to wear special shoes that actually clip into the pedal. This allows you to ride really efficiently and fast. The down side is that you are required to ‘clip out’ of the pedals when you stop, in order to put your foot down on the ground. This requires you to turn your foot sideways, and pull it out of a bracket in order to release your foot from the pedal.

Towards the end of our family ride, my son Nathan, hit the brakes a bit harder than I thought he would, requiring me to do an emergency stop. I slammed on my brakes as best I could. I did not stop as fast as I needed and the very tip of my front wheel barely struck his back wheel. He had both his feet on the ground at the time, so he was stable to the ground, however I still had both my feet clipped in to my cool pedals.

The next few moments were really exciting. I have successfully hit his wheel going like 0.1 miles an hour, I have no momentum, lost my balance, and I am starting to fall to my right side. I tried like crazy to clip out and get my foot on the ground. I’ve been riding for years with this pedal system and never had any trouble. I tried to clip out with all my might, but had no luck at all.

Unable to put my foot on the ground, I slowly fell to the ground, landing with all my weight on my right elbow. My road bicycle still tightly clipped to my shoes, is now on top of me.

After a few moments, I finally get my shoes un-clipped from the bicycle. I do a quick check of the bike, making sure it is safe to ride and get caught back up with my family. After a mile or two more, I realize that I am hurt, and will require some medical help. So we finish up the ride, and my sweet wife took me to the doctor for x-rays.

In case you were wondering, the bicycle was just fine. Luckily it landed on me and did not sustain any damage. I named the bicycle Elbert, in memory of the great time we had together.  Also, I always wear a helmet, and I’m glad I did because I could have been hurt worse if I did not protect my head.

So there you have it. Hope that explains everything you need to know about how I crashed my bike and broke my elbow. BTW, don’t ever break your elbow, it hurts really bad and you can’t move it for weeks and that kind of stinks. The doctor would not let me ride my bike for 8 weeks, and that made me sad.

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    Hi Aaron! Sorry about the elbow! I for some reason have crashed many times due to the clips not wanting to release very quickly. No broken bones however. Hope you are doing great.

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