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I have watched many musicals, but Singin’ In The Rain is one of my favorites. After watching it again I find myself humming or singing along to the music even hours later. The tunes are catchy and stick with you. One of the reasons I enjoy musical films so much is that they are usually a romantic story with plenty of song and dance. I don’t have to concentrate so much on what might happen next. It has been a while since I watched this film, so it was fun to remember the story line behind all of the singing and dancing. This film came out in 1952, but portrays the late 1920’s, when film was beginning to change. The change from silent films with words posted on screen intermittently giving you a brief sense of what is going on to the talking movies or “talkies”. To actually have words instead of music playing was a big deal.

I think this movie does a good job at portraying what I think would have been some of the big obstacles to overcome in transitioning from silent to talking movies. They actually had to have a better story and script to read to keep the audience entertained. You couldn’t just repeat the line “I love you, I love you, I love you.” over and over again because no one talks like that in real life and so talking in a movie became more about the whole story and not just a scene acted out with a brief explanation of what was really going on. I’m sure they really did have actors and actresses that did a good job acting, but had annoying voices that were like nails scraping down a blackboard. We have all had the experience of talking to someone over the phone and then meeting them in person and what we pictured in our heads is not what they look like in person. I can only imagine the headache I’m sure it was to start using such big audio microphones that unless you spoke directly into it the sound was not picked up. Then there is the task of making sure that the audio and video played together and were synchronized. When the lips don’t match the sound it make for comic disaster.

I like how Kathy meets Don in the film and could care less about him being a famous movie star and telling him if you’ve seen one of his films, you’ve seen them all. This showed how well we know the fact that the same movies keep getting produced with a different scene, time and small twist to the plot. I have always liked watching musicals, they would make me sit back and think “wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to sing and dance on a stage.” Too bad that I hate to get up and perform in any way in front of a crowd. But I can always sit back and watch a musical and have the same nostalgic feelings of “I wish I could…” I like how the story can flow back and forth with the music, dancing and narration of the story. The story/plot never seems to be too twisted or deep with a musical. I like the feel of a simple romance with a few obstacles, but happily ever after in the end. These types of movies remind me of my childhood because they are a few of the ones I was allowed to watch that didn’t have too much “mature adult content”. Now that I am done reminiscing about Singin’ in the Rain, I am still humming the tunes to myself. 🙂

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