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I must say that I needed a more uplifting and comedic movie to watch and Waking Ned Devine fulfilled both of those requirements for me. The fact that it was a more current film than the others I have recently been watching was fun too. Even though it is set in a small rural town in Ireland, it had the feel of a close knit community, where everyone knew everyone’s secrets. I really enjoyed the comedic relief throughout the movie. From the beginning when Jackie wants his apple tart so he pretends to have the winning lotto ticket to get his wife to bring it to him while watching tv, to the riding of the motorcycle naked to get back to Ned’s house in time to impersonate him. The plot of winning the lottery and dying from the shock of it was funny in and of itself, but for Jackie and Michael to get it in their heads that they deserved to split the winnings because otherwise it would go to waste just launches them into this crazy scheme.

It takes talent to set up a scene for a comedy, showing small hints and clues throughout the movie and waiting for the perfect payoff. For example, the fact that the lotto guy sneezes when in the country helps identify him at the funeral so that no one slips up, but the best payoff is when he sneezes and almost hits the phone booth with the mean “witch” town lady in it in order to cause the priest of the town returning from a trip to be the one who actually sends her to her death. What a twist of fate. Who knew that a sneeze would end up causing so much trouble.

Jackie is the main protagonist and he also finds himself in the position of power most often on the screen. His initial thought to claim the money for himself and share with his best friend Michael is what starts them down this road. But his wife Annie has her say also and she holds the position of power when it counts and helps Jackie see that it would be better to share the money with the whole town instead of ending up in prison for fraud. She points out to Jackie that Michael is a good man who has never told a lie and wouldn’t last a day in prison and that Jackie should be ashamed of himself for making him a part of his scheme.

One of the other underlying plots in the movie is the romance between Maggie and Finn the pig farmer. She claims to love him, but can’t get over him smelling like the pigs he keeps. Finn is positive that her son Maurice is his and that the boy needs his father to be in the picture to raise him. In the end she agrees to be with him now that he is “stinking rich” with the money the town is splitting 52 ways as long as he still gets rid of the pigs. But the real twist is when she admits to Jackie that Maurice is the son of Ned Devine, whose winning lottery ticket and his death has changed the whole town. It is still more important for her to let Finn think he is the father and that they can be together. I really did enjoy all of the plot twists in this film and think it was done rather well.

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