Update from MTC

Update from MTC

Hey everybody!

This week has been kind of slow and not too dramatic in any way.

Spiritually, we have been growing as a district and having more spiritual experiences here and it is great! My companions and I have been walking in to some awesome lessons and have been feeling more and more ready for the field. We have all also been talking in Spanish and forgetting some of the harder words in English we used to know. It is awesome and I love it! I also got to bless the sacrament again this last week, and I didn’t start the wrong prayer this time haha

I was actually made district leader, which is a humbling opportunity to serve those around me and I am excited for the opportunity. We basically got two preparation days last week with this place being shut down trying to receive the new people. The zoo was awesome and we almost got to feed the giraffes, but we missed our chance sadly. I was going to hug one. 🙁 I am also now the tallest person here in our branch since Elder F was pushed out in to the field so that is weird.

Love you all, doing awesome out here,

Elder Nathan Searle

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