First Week In Honduras

First Week In Honduras

I have had the longest week ever. Before we left for Honduras, we got to go to the temple, which was very spiritual and a bit different. It is a good place to be always. The airports were way way ghetto and I didn’t enjoy them much, but we made it here safe and its my last time on a plane for 2 years.

In the MTC I experienced my first time falling asleep on my knees praying. It was a long night sleeping on my knees and I’m sure it won’t be my only out here. 

Honduras is sooooo hot. We have the 2nd biggest area in our whole mission, and it is only me and Elder C (mi mission padre) out here. We are on a bus for about an hour every day to travel to other small satellite cities nearby. I have seen many weird things, but it is pretty nice here. My companion doesn’t speak a lick of English and it is the best. I have been learning Spanish a lot faster now. We have our own laundry tub thing in our apartment and I am going to do laundry tonight by scrubbing everything by hand. It is a long way from home out here….

In church we have to bless and prep the sacrament each week, which will be good. We have a branch of about 40 people right now, and it is a very small building. Their is a billion dogs running around out here everywhere and I don’t like them. We also have 3 baptisms next week… Already!! I can’t wait to have my first baptisms already, and even though I didn’t plant the seed, harvesting the fruit is still a good thing too. I got to have a couple lessons with them so it is all good. I was brutally ill yesterday after church. We returned to our apartment and didn’t leave for the rest of the day. Food poisoning times 100…. No me gusta.

Okay, hope you all are doing good and I didn’t forget to say anything important. I love you all so very much!!

Elder Nathan Searle

Note from mom/dad : Nathan sent us pictures for the first time ( Not allowed to upload in MTC ), and we decided to share a bunch of them. Some of them are his zone, the MTC & Temple, few of a visit to local zoo, and then his humble apartment in Honduras.