2+ months

2+ months

Wow it has already been 2 months…I cannot believe how fast the time flies out here! My companion has 15 months out here and he is super “baggy” which is like trunky I guess. The missionary slang out here is weird. He is counting down the days and I don’t know why. I wish I had more time out here and am actually kind of sad to think that it is almost 10% gone. Holy cow. 

Okay weird things I ate this week : An entire crappy pizza by myself (first meal for a day) Armadillo meat 🙁 I found out that most animals taste really good as long as you don’t think about how cute they were before you put them in a taco and inhaled them haha. I am also gaining an appetite for all sorts of new foods out here now. I love tomatoes now and cucumbers and just about any food that gets set in my pathway.

I don’t have a picture, but the way that people fish here is amazing. They just have a harpoon with an eyelet on the end that has about a billion rubber bands on it, then they pull it back and shoot any fish within like a 12 inch radius. I wish that we could get in the water so that I could try it just to say I had done it.

There are about a billion geckos around here, along with every other animal you could imagine, just roaming the streets continually, and this week I had a gecko somehow get onto my sleeve. When I felt it move I reached back and flicked it off and screamed like I was about a 5 year old girl. It was at a members house thank goodness but I don’t think I am ever going to hear the end of this one from my companion…

I fell asleep on my knees again, this time on the cement that is more chopped up than that in our driveway. It was an even longer night than the one in the MTC. I am also starting to get cold in the night which I didn’t think was posible. I am cold right now because of the rain for 3 days straight. I’m going to die when I come home in the winter time… 

Some of my written quotes:

“The best audience is one that is strapped down” – E. Ehlert

“You can’t overdo it on water, unless you drown, then you’ve overdone it”-E. Searle

Okay I am going to tell you more about my companion. He is from Uruguay, speaks only Spanish except for some really broken English that I have been trying to help him with. We both teach and learn together in all things. He is 25 years old, so there is a bit of an age gap between us, but we get along really well and work well together in lessons and in all things. He is obedient, and is probably one of the most obedient missionaries we have out here, as I have heard and seen that quite a few missionaries out here go home early do to problems. He is really good at establishing relationships with people and explaining complicated terms to the investigators, but has told me time and again that he can’t for the life of him remember where scriptures are at, which is where I come in during the lessons. I am glad that we complete each other as teachers, and I know this companionship was giving through revelation. He has only read the book of Mormon all the way through one time in his life, and that took about 12 months of his mission, which is amazing to me that we truly can convert people through the smallest and simplest of truths. I love him and we are growing together well.

Pictures this week:Beach, last p day. Mouse at other missionaries house. Zone conference this last week (sorry for the blurry closeups, it was a competition to see who could zoom in all the way and get a good picture of the other one). Before and after my third haircut in the mission (note that I smiled with teeth). Our pathetic fire of grass in our yard. A birthday party of a member in the ward last night. And finally me trying to show you all how clean my teeth are because I have been taking good care of them out of fear.

I love you all very much and continue to pray for you all daily. I hope that your testimonies all continue to grow and that you all continue to strengthen your relationships with others and just with everyone. Some scriptures I read this week that speak very powerfully that I wanted to share: Mormon 7-9. Especially v. 21-25,26 ish in 9 that talk about answers to prayers in Christ’s name and his disciples work.

It is a great time to be on the earth and be a missionary!

Much Love,

Elder Nathan Searle