Week somewhere between 1-104 ish

Week somewhere between 1-104 ish

Hey everybody!

This week has been my first week that I have felt really settled in here, and this week I have actually felt pretty normal without anything too exciting going on. We have been doing awesome on our goals and going out and contacting, and this week we are going to put up a ton of dates for baptisms, hopefully.

Our biggest problem is just getting people to church, as everyone lives really far away and they only have one bus that goes through each town. It is a bus that is smaller than Vince ( The Searle Adventure Van that Pa Searle loves to hate ) , but I have seen about 30 people get out of it in one day. We have been having more people come to church which is awesome, and with hope we might have a ward instead of a branch here in a couple months.

I am super excited to be out here and just keep feeling better about it every day and every second. The Spanish is coming so fast and I have seen the gift of tongues in my life and I know my companion has too, as he seems to be taken by my ability to teach and use analogies in the lessons. There is no place I would rather be right now than in the mission, and I would not give up these experiences for anything as they are what is most important. There is a whole bunch of things that I miss from home and just miss being able to do, but with sacrifices we receive blessings more than we can hold.

Feeling like I am doing good with my health in all aspects for the most part, getting skinny, tan, able to see my veins in my arms again, working out every day, and probably going to leave masica with a six pack if I keep eating rice and doing sit ups like I have been haha. But I have seen the downside of this as well…

This week I had my first, very outspoken “Guiper” Translation-someone who flirts with you with no embarrassment. We were walking on one side of the street, almost to our house, and we saw these three ladies on the other side of the street coming towards us, so we go to say “buenas” as we do with everyone, and before my companion even got to the “bue-” one of the ladies across the street made the loudest kissing noise with her mouth you’ve ever heard and said “mmmmmmmm pero que Rico Gringo” while rolling all of her r’s. (Translation is roughly “that’s a nice looking gringo”) so that was nice. We both barely made it into the house before bursting out laughing, and my face was quite red up until that point as it was not something I was expecting that day. And, now that I noticed that, I noticed that there is a ton of people here that do the same thing with the missionaries. Classic women… haha 😉

Remember that time we got soaked in the rain because we didn’t have umbrellas or jackets or anything? Remember when I promised myself to always be prepared to never let it happen again? Well welcome to the jungle where it is sunny all morning and soaks you to death the whole way back to your house about a 30 minute walk. I actually enjoyed this rain a lot more than the other, and I took some pictures of myself soaking wet in the house afterwards.

I also caught my finger in one of the mouse traps that I have a picture of, they are too hardcore for the mice that we have in our house, because they eat all the food and don’t set the traps off, so of course I grab the trap and go to put more food on it, not realizing that it hadn’t gone off yet, and you can guess the rest. Don’t worry though it isn’t broken and it only bled a little bit because of the teeth on the trap. Everything is fine for reals.

I love you all and hope you are all doing great! I am doing great and hope you all keep up on your studying and prayers and just the simple things you need to do every day to keep progressing

Love you!!

Elder Nathan Searle