Wolfram Alpha – Goes Live

Wolfram Alpha – Goes Live

Wolfram’s web search wolframalpha went live last night.  It is a very unique way to search data.  When you search Google for something like, ‘world’s tallest mountains’, you will just get results from people’s web pages that happen to contain those words.  Wolfram’s hope is to get his algorithms tuned to actually give you a list of the world’s tallest mountains.

Here are some examples:

1.  Compute PI

2. Father’s Mother’s Sister’s Son

3.  mortgage $150,000, 6.5%, 30 years

It is still limited in the number of searches you can do an hour, but is still worth looking at.  This guy is a really smart mathematics nerd, and I have read one of his 1000+ page books.  He is smart, in fact he wrote mathmatica software package, but really full of himself too.

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