Hey everybody…

Hey everybody…

Hey everybody, 

This week has been pretty normal, went by fast and took forever at the same time, and nothing too amazing happened. The most amazing thing is that we have a new investigator named Abi, who is just a miracle. Me and my companion both were walking and just stopped at the same time, we both felt the prompting to return to a certain house we had just passed and contact there. We went, and talked to the owner of the house for about 15 minutes, who seemed to have little to no interest in our message. Then, just before leaving, he introduced us to his daughter, we shook her hand and left. About 3 days later we returned, and taught the daughter the Restoration of the Gospel and felt really good about it. She is really smart and receptive to our message and fully embraced it all. Then we taught the Gospel of Christ a few days later, and I felt the need to invite her to baptism, my companion was a little scared to do it so early, but I invited her all the same and she accepted instantly. We gave her a date for three weeks from now, and I am just amazed at how prepared she was for us. 

One more thing, I experienced an accident closer to my body than I would ever care to have again. I could have reached out and touched the motorcycle that was involved, without even fully extending my arm. Granted it was just a motorcycle hitting a dog, but all the same I did not enjoy watching such a horrible image. 

Love you and hope you are all doing great!

Elder Nathan Searle

I ( dad ) thought it would be good to share a bunch of pictures from Nathan today. These go from good to kind of rough. So enjoy the flowers, but make sure you are done eating by the time you get to the bottom of this post.

Flowers and various trees

People from his branch

Nathan and comp have a friendly gecko / lizard / mice problem. They decided to kill a mouse with the plunger. Then learned to go get mouse traps.

Food from last month.
Top : Breakfast of champions includes vanilla cookies. BBQ chicken, then some Animal Crackers.
Bottom : Sad plate of rice, hotdogs with mustard, fried egg and what looks like sour cream. Bottom middle looks to be large family meal, with lots of fruit. Last picture is tuna, noodles and an egg. Have guilt as I was posting this, with a nice piece of Pi Pizza on my plate. 😐