Hey Y’all

Hey Y’all

Hey yall,

This week I had some pretty amazing experiences, even though the week itself seemed kind of meh. I gave my first talk in Spanish in front of our whole branch, which was pretty awesome, and I was called on to do it only the night before, which is better than 5 minutes before, so at least I was ready haha. I also gave my first blessings in Spanish this week too. I had participated in the circle in spanish and done the first part of consecrated oil before in spanish, but this time I gave the blessing, and it was super amazing. I have always seen myself speak through the spirit in blessings, but doing it in spanish too is even more amazing and a wonderful experience to have.

I have been witnessing more blessings out here as I am now paying for it myself out here. I am grateful for all the hard work I did to get myself out here, and I think a lot about all I had to do to get myself out here. It is motivating to think of, and motivates me to move faster. I worked a lot to get myself here, and I am not trying to waste a single second of it. I take breaks and have my faults all the same, but I find that I am working more vigorously, and that I find a greater purpose in every moment of my day. I have also seen the difference in myself versus other missionaries whose parents are paying for their whole mission. They are good missionaries and have purpose and are great, but it seems to me like they almost lack a certain fire that is necessary to take it to the next level of hard work. I am glad I worked my guts out to get here.

We also had our first service project in the house of an hermano here, in which we removed banana trees from his back yard. They barely have any roots and we basically just pushed them over, and you can cut through their weak trunks in just one slice of a machete which is pretty cool as well. It was reviving to my soul to go out and serve and I felt better this day for that. 

I also witnessed for the first time fireflies, which are super cool and kind of breathtaking your first time. It is like watching the stars blink from the ground. I don’t know how else to explain it other then that, but it is super amazing and I am glad to have seen them because now I am spotting them everywhere haha. Also they are impossible to catch and super fast (I already tried)

Okay now for a list of foods I have eaten or tried here that I haven’t had before. Some of them are only the Honduranian name, so I don’t know if you will be able to find them all, but some of them you might already know:Meats: ArmadilloFruits: Licha, guanawana, sapote, paterna, cacao verde, guineo, platano, papayavegetables: pakaya, yukoDrinks: horchada, jugo de pinol, judo de avena, topollios (frozen)

Pictures:Me ready for our service project, us burning more mice (I’ve killed 5 now), my scripture case in spanish, our next baptisms the “pandas”, homemade pizza at a members house, and me being “puro Catracho” or pure honduranio

I love you all and am way excited to be able to call you sometime this next couple weeks. Hope you are all doing good and I am excited to talk to you all this week in a little while! 

Tons of love, and your favorite elder, 

Elder Searle