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Today we woke up early (6:30 am on a Saturday) and went to the park for the Teach the Children 5K.  We ran along the Jordan Parkway trail, so I decided I would stay back with the boys because I was worried about them running along the Jordan River.  I am a proud, happy mom.  Nathan (9 yrs.) passed us all and finished in 38:40 minutes.  Benjamin (7 yrs.) insisted mom hold his hand so I would keep pace with him.  Benjamin and I finished in 42:50 minutes.  Benjamin was so happy that we passed dad.  Aaron came in at 43:20 minutes.  When we started the race I was a little sad that I would have to “stay back” with the boys and not run the whole way, but it was on of the best mornings together as a family.  Ben and I would run for a while then speed walk for Ben to catch his breath. (He has allergies so bad he can barely breath through his nose.)  I just had to post how much fun we had and how glad I am that we woke up early today.

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