I feel older….

I feel older….

Hey y’all,
It has been an average week here, hot and humid as normal. We have a baptism interview this Saturday, and if all goes well we should have at the least 1 baptism this coming Sunday. We are way excited to have this work, and we are going to put up more dates as we keep finding prepared people out here. We have ran into a million prepared people out here and I am glad to be feeling so well and working so hard.

I tried Iguana for the first time last night, after watching them kill it. I have a video and this was a little harder to eat then the armadillo, but it was really good haha.

Yesterday afternoon we got a little bored and didn’t know what to do, so we walked all over our area in places my companion had never been, and we ran into a few people who had questions about us and we talked to for a little while. We also walked almost into the jungle basically, where there were no cars and few houses/sounds. It was very peaceful and recharging to my soul and I realized how much I miss climbing mountains and being in the peace up there. 

The zone Conf. got moved to this coming week in march, so it will be a little longer before I can video call you all, but I think I will buy some headphones or something out here so I can at least voice call you at some point. It also makes it more sure that the package will be here in time for the zone conf if all goes well. 

Pictures this week:My birthday party with the other missionaries and Felix (they caked my face!), the gifts I got, the machete that we have in our house, shaka laka, birthday for a 4 year old in San Juan, my first baptism “playing  guitar” on a rock wall, the iguana before and after and video, our walk last night, the iguana in plate form.
Love you all and hope you are all doing super awesome at home!!
Elder Searle

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