Pregnant mother was about to have a baby

Pregnant mother was about to have a baby

Hey everybody,

We have had another baptism here this week, and we are wicked excited to maybe see another two or three this coming weekend as well. I am super happy to still be here, and hope that we keep seeing so much success. I am going to work my guts out in this area until I die, and then continue on after that haha. Time has been passing by faster and faster, and even though I love you all tons and tons, I have not been distracted or home sick a single moment this week. I hope to keep losing myself in the work here and killing it.

I cleaned our house last week, taking a large chunk of preparation day to do it, but I am glad that it is done now. It is easier to have the Spirit, I feel more comfortable in the home, and I feel better just for having done it. It is always good to get your mind of something by doing something else for a little while.

We met a couple in a Pulperia (store) here that have a bible completely marked up and they know a ton of stuff about it. We heard this man’s lesson for about 35 minutes, until when he was finished I invited him to turn to a scripture in his bible Ezekiel (spelled wrong I know) 37:15-17, and then gave my short testimony and explained the book of Mormon to him. When I pulled this book of Mormon out of my bag, his wife took it out of my hands before I could even say “Libro de Mormón” She flipped it open and started reading it, and when we returned 2 days later she had already marked things. I hope we are able to establish a testimony there so that we can bring them to Christ.

I also had a wicked cool spiritual experience, in which I felt physically stopped in the street, and that we needed to change the schedule we had and go to a different house. My companion just listened and came along, without saying anything much about it. We arrived at the other house and the pregnant mother was there about to have a baby, couldn’t leave the kids, and had no one else in the home to help her. Thank goodness I took that EMR class and learned how to deliver a baby…. Hahaha just kidding, we ran over to the clinic and had a nurse come with us to help her out. I know the Spirit is powerful, and I don’t know what we would have done without it.

Stuff literally grows everywhere here, our district went to zone conf with matching pink colored ties, I ate a cow tongue (tastes like chewy beef no joke), baptism day, and a part of the half watermelon I ate last night

Love you all tons, and hope everything is going good at home.

Elder Searle