New Companion Week

New Companion Week

Hey everyone, 
This week has been a little hard with changing companions, not going to lie. It is hard to leave the first companion you have in the field, as he is the one you look to for everything and then he leaves and you are just a normal missionary. I am adapting myself quickly to my new companion though, and I have seen some interesting things this week. He is quite bold, and very direct. He speaks little to no English, just as much as Elder C. did, and he has the same amount of time out as a missionary as Elder C. does.

The first day we met, he unpacked, and we went to the closest member’s house. He barely had introduced himself when he picked up an ax and started cutting wood for them, as he likes to serve a lot. I have a lot to learn from him, and I want to spend a good chunk of time with him to learn as much as possible. I have felt quite insufficient in this week, as he has been correcting my Spanish a lot, even though I thought I was doing good, and for my lack of being able to teach as well as he does. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to him, but it is hard to have such a huge change in companions. I hope to be able to be this efficient when I have the same amount of time as he does. 

We went to San Pedro Sula for my first time ever, and had to stand on the bus for 3.5 hours as there was no seats. We got on the bus at 3 AM, and I managed to sleep and stand at the same time for the first time in my life. I got sick while sleeping like this and almost died. We have been working hard, putting up lots of dates out here, and seeing prepared people all the time. He is helping me a lot in the things that I definitely missed out on in my training. I can see the difference between a companion who works and a companion who works hard and knows what a good days worth of work is. I am grateful for him. It is hard, but I want to to good and know that hard things help us grow.

The language is finally coming a little bit better, I was sounding pretty gringo before, and now I am working on becoming fluent. I don’t want to spend the two years here and not be able to speak fluently and clearly by the end of my mission. I am glad to have someone help me, and it is a good test of my patience as it is hard to see that he is just correcting me for my better good, even though it is hard to hear it sometimes.

I tried ocean snail in a soup the other day, and the only thing I didn’t like was that we were eating soup for lunch. The middle of the day in a hot country and everyone is eating soup for lunch?? They are all trying to kill me. 

Photos: 3 iguanas that they killed again in this horrifying way, and a picture of the pet monkey next door to the house that wouldn’t hold still

Please don’t forget to keep me in your prayers still.
Love you!!
Elder Nathan Searle
Sneezes: 336 Baleadas: 156