La Semana Santa (There is nothing holy about this week)

La Semana Santa (There is nothing holy about this week)

Hey everyone,

We have officially entered the hottest week in the whole year, and even though we have had rain, it is making it even worse. It rained so hard last night that the whole house was filled with white noise, as we have a metal roof, and it was super loud and awesome. The only problem is there are a few tornadoes here every once in a while, and they knock out the power lines for our whole area. We had to sleep one night without fans, and I woke up sweatier than I care to admit. 

We had the Zone Conference this last week again, and it was really good. Our zone has the highest baptizing goal this month, and we are the most on track with it too. We have pretty solid set in stone baptisms this week and the next week, but you never know as we have all found out. We talked about 7 points of how to be a more effective missionary, and I really enjoyed it.

I am learning how to make flour tortillas that are the best tortillas you will ever eat in your life, so when I get home you won’t have to eat that machine made garbage anymore haha.

We had splits this week again, and I stayed here in Masica with Elder G, and we are super good buds. He is from Alpine Utah, and he reminds me exactly of Uncle Matt, and even though I didn’t know Matt very well before the mission, I feel like I am getting to know him right now. No joke it is kind of scary how similar they are in everything haha.

Been doing pretty good with comp. Getting to find out who I am and how to approach problems on my own, without having to have someone help guide me through it. It is hard and I have a lot to learn, but I need to start working on a few things with myself to shape myself into the person I need to be for the rest of my life (or at least a little bit more like this person). Thank you all for your help and prayers.

Pictures:The biggest Iguana I have ever seen, How high my hammock was off the ground when I fell (bed was not there the first time(Yes I did fall again, but this time with the bed and I am fine)), Chicken and Tajadas, Zone conf, Light got cut out (five candles lighting the story of the 5 virgins with the oil), Showering in candle light with children’s hymn music (very romantic), a green mango with salt that me and elder Groesbeck ate on divisions, Chicken feet…. Again :/

Love you all, hope you are all doing well,

Elder Nathan Searle