5 months??????

5 months??????

Hey everybody,

It has been a long, but fast moving week once again, just like every week out here, and this week was actually a lot better than the last. Me and my companion are working super hard every day, and have been seeing a lot of success for it too. We are finding a ton of new people every week, and still managing to find time to make it to all of our appointments too. We have seen many blessings out here, and I am super glad to be doing well every day. We also had a baptism this last week in the river!! It was cool to watch, but I did not have the pleasure to enter the water and do it. I was glad though because the water was bitter cold that morning haha.

These 5 months have gone by so fast, and they are just going by faster! How can it be that I am almost 25% of the way done with my mission?? I have a ton of work left to do and I can’t even think about going home yet haha.
We have had a ton of rain recently, and even though it was supposed to be the hottest week in the whole year, we went to bed cold and could barely even shower because we were dying. You all would die of heat stroke at the same time I was shivering if you were here haha!!

Happy birthday to my pops today, hope you all go take him out and do something fun together, or stay in the house and have family fight night haha. Love you dad!

We had a possum climbing a tree in our yard last night, and we tried to peg it down with a bunch of rock hard oranges, but that guy doesn’t feel anything. We have a brother in the branch that knows how to cook them, and I think this guy lives somewhere in our house, so it is only a matter of time before the machete will fall swiftly and surely… Hahaha ( I will let you all decide if I am joking or not ) 😉

Pictures: Weird bug we tried to burn but it flew away, baptism, contacting the monkey that lives next door, a bag full of green mangoes, my new addiction.
Hope you all have an awesome week! Love you all tons and I can’t wait to be able to call you all this week again! Love you!!
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