Chupé la piña!

Chupé la piña!

Hey everybody it has been a pretty long week again,

Before anything else, yesterday we had a baptism, which was super stressful, and the day I realized that sometimes church is the worst by firsthand experience. I was giving last minute notice that I had to give a talk, last minutes notice to go and bless the sacrament, and last minutes notice to go and teach priesthood because the teacher didn’t show up. I also had to write up a baptism agenda and fulfill it all, and spoke yet again in that, as we had nothing prepared for us. It was a stressful day, and between that and some of the petty fighting we have had between people here, church was about the last place I wanted to be.  ( Dad note : This is proof that the church is truly the same worldwide )

Despite all this, we managed to finally get a bigger bus this week and we filled that stinker up. It is a big yellow school bus instead of a minivan now, and we still filled that thing, ha ha! We are seeing more success, and we are putting up dates and goals for people we are finding every day like crazy!!
I also feel like all of these events have helped me to grow up quite a bit, and realize what kind of person I am now in place of who I used to be. I have been improving a lot in my Spanish skills, to the point I feel comfortable speaking with any given person, without help. I have also been learning a lot about how we don’t have to always learn from our own mistakes, but that if we are wise we can learn from watching others in theirs. You don’t have to judge them, just watch and learn.

I have been reading the BOM every day in spanish, and I feel like I am actually getting somewhere. I can read a lot faster and pronounce words a lot better too now. I hope to finish it soon, as I have gotten pretty far in just 4 days and I will keep going with it.

We didn’t go paintballing today, because no one had money, but I think we will go next week 🙂 We did go running however, and I am still hurting from that. “We are going to work out more” famous words from a dying companion who doesn’t want to go home fat. We worked out one day this whole week.

We have yet to kill the possum, but it has killed 5 of our neighbors chickens since last night, so they have put a price on its head haha. I thought possums were those cute little guys in Ice Age but that movie is a lie haha they are ugly and basically a mix between a huge rat and a skunk. 

My photos are as following:

  • A little girl with a ton of hair (less than 2 years old).
  • Weird bread we ate, first thing I didn’t care for much out of all the food I have tried here.
  • Me on a Rock in a River.
  • The pants I broke climbing the barb wire fence to get there.
  • My momma (Hermana Tita!!!)
  • Me, chupando la piña
  • El Bautismo

Remember to try to be more like Jesus Christ would be every single day, so that it be well with you in the final day. The time is shortening, and the world is ripening, stay strong and faithful, and keep going to church even though it is the worst sometimes. Remember that it is a hospital, and that the sick are those who go, not the whole.

I love you all and pray for you. Hope you make time to feel the spirit in this week and go do cool stuff too.

Elder Searle