My First Son

My First Son

Hey everybody,

It has been quite the long week this week, in which I have had to deal with weird problems that don’t normally occur here. I feel like I have actually grown quite a bit in this last week, for that same reason. Since I called everyone yesterday, I am going to take a little bit more time here and spend less time on the personal emails today.

First of all, this last week I wrote very upset about the position I was placed in in my housing situation. I was so frustrated thinking about my own self and getting so upset with my other companion, and now that I look back on it it wasn’t something that should have been so big. I feel like I am looking back on that week now and it is like 5 years behind me already. 

Something that has been going on with me lately is that my companion is struggling to stay here in the mission. He has told me that on a scale of 1-10 he feels like a three or a four almost always, has once or twice in all of his time here felt like an 8 at the highest, and various times he has felt like a 1. The second that I realized that he was having a hard time, every single little problem that I had that had been so profound in my mind just left me. I put myself in the last position in my mind, and that is when I started to learn.

I have to have a ton of patience with my companion. It is his first time ever out of his home town, and he has almost never left the presence of his family in his whole life. All of the food here is soooo different that he can barely eat without getting sick, and the humidity and heat are killing the poor guy too. He has thrown just about every excuse he could think of at me, and I have been a listening ear, acting and relying only on the spirit to be able to help me have words to say to him. We have had to talk a lot, and very openly about everything going on, and I have also learned to be able to communicate well with other people.

I realized that half the stuff my other companion always told me that got me upset is the stuff I had to say to my companion right now to be able to get him to talk to me. Things like “If you never tell me things like this that are going on, I am never going to be able to help you because I don’t know it is happening” When those words left my mouth I realized how much I had grown. I went from getting angry at hearing them, to having to say them. And they were true in both instances. 

The thing that I have really learned a lot about is something that Ben wrote me in his past email to me, and I hope he forgives me for sharing if he didn’t want me to, but here it is:”I had been through it, and I didn’t want her to suffer as much as I did.  While I was pondering these things, I had an eye-opening experience.  I was able to see that the feeling I was having is similar to what Jesus feels for us.  He has been though every pain and sorrow, and he does not want us to have to go through those things alone.  He wants to be there for us, and he wants to deliver us from our sufferings and burdens”He made me think deeply about how much we are like Jesus Christ in moments like these.

I was also thinking about some of the covenants that we have made that also help us to be more like Christ, and I thought of a few scriptures that I want to share. The first is found in Mosiah 18:8-10. It speaks about how when we enter the baptismal waters, we are making a covenant to take the pains of others from them. The next is the sacrament prayers, which are found in Moroni 4-5. We are promised to have the spirit of Christ with us if we keep our part, and in this we become like him. We don’t want to see other people suffer, just like he doesn’t want to see us suffer. We wish we were able to take their pains upon us sometimes, and he did take all of our pains upon him.

I know that if we live worthily and are willing to take upon us the name of Christ, and ACT on it, then we will be able to become like him one day. Perfect and whole, loving and full of patience and long suffering for everyone. I hope you all got something out of that, sorry for the length of it, but Ben sure did hit me deep with that little quote this week. I love you all, and I hope that you all get to be a little bit more like Christ every single day. We will all do it together 🙂

I love you all tons!! Go have a great week and I will see you next week!!

Elder Searle