It has been another week

It has been another week

Hey everybody, 

The subject line basically sums it up this week. I had to go to San Pedro Tuesday to take out my Visa, which was pretty cool, but didn’t get to sleep for almost two whole days, then my companion was sick on and off this week. We worked about a good 2 days. 

The rain has been super strong and coming randomly here, and it has actually been cool but a pain at the same time. I have a couple videos but they don’t do justice to lightning cracking literally right over your head. It was pretty cool not gonna lie. 

The bus driver this week that brings all the people to church from my area decided to go out drinking instead of bringing the people to church, so even with the members I had about 8 people here on Sunday instead of almost 60, and also had to call every family from my area letting them know that they weren’t able to go to church in this week. It was quite a stressful and disappointing day. I am learning a lot of patience out here, and it is pretty tough on me. 

photos:La Masica, #SPS, baleadas, catholic church, some drunk dude who wanted to take a selfie with me and I already had my camera in my hand so I just did it…, san juan, me making baleadas for the first time (sorry the video is so long, I didn’t know my companion was still going), Rain video, and a bird that someone put in my hand even though I was unwilling to touch it (what an amazing time)

I also have the two types of Van huesen shirts that I have out here, the one that says slim fit is the one that you DO NOT BUY no matter what, and the one that says regular fit is the one that IS good.

That is about all I have got for you, sorry that my week was real lame. Hope that the next one is better and that you all had a good week at least.

Love you all!!

Elder Searle