I killed a chicken, and my companion went home

I killed a chicken, and my companion went home

Hey everybody,

The two events in the subject line have nothing to do with each other, but they were basically the only two outstanding events that happened to me out here in this week. I actually really enjoyed killing the chicken, although I didn’t do so great of a job of actually doing the killing part… They told me it was dead, so I stopped, and then like 30 seconds later they told me it was still alive so we just jabbed a knife in there. There is a good video for you all in there on the drive haha. I then feathered it and gutted it, cleaned it, cooked it in a soup and ate the thing within like 2 hours haha. It was super awesome and I am actually strong stomached after having been out here for so long. I didn’t even get a little sick, and only hesitated a few seconds before killing that thing. I don’t know what it is about here, but I am now a man. (and a murderer)

My companion went home on Sunday, as he did not want to be here anymore. I am now in a trio until next Tuesday (the one after tomorrow) and then I will move onto my next companion here in this same area. I found a nice house to finally get into, that will be very suitable for our needs, and I am actually excited to live there once I get out of here.

Photos: Happy birthday (we sang real good there), murderer of chickens, pictures of the new house.

I will make sure to make this week a lot better than the last one was, and I am sure I will bounce back here quick.

I love you all and hope you have all had a super awesome week!!

Elder Searle

Prior to the killing : https://youtu.be/uoIP768FbUc
Killing the chicken : https://youtu.be/alv6nXTCclI
Removing the feathers : https://youtu.be/aA7NK7jppsc
Washing the chicken : https://youtu.be/mSsepmgIu6A

Hope you enjoy the videos.