Normal week of normalness

Normal week of normalness

Hey everybody,

This week has been good to get me moving and get me out of the little groove I was in, and it has been super awesome to see the results of hard work and of serving the people out here. We had two service projects that were hard work, and it payed off for me the same way it did for them. I got the exercise I needed and I am not so gordo anymore. I am going to try and make the goal to not do exercise so much, but to actually do a lot more service projects to keep myself in shape. I have actually found that it helped with my stress and helped me to get feeling a lot better. I worked my guts out and it payed off for me and helped show the love that I have for the people out here too.

The trio life hasn’t been too bad, the teaching is a little weird, but it actually wasn’t too long of a week. I am glad to finally be out of it tomorrow, as they are sending me a new companion that is from the same group that I am. He has the same amount of time in the field as I do, and I have known him since the MTC time we had together. He is a good missionary, we get along well, and he will work hard and be the support and everything that we need out here for now.

I am excited and doing really well, and feeling back up to the 110% that I want to be at. I am glad to have endured so well and I know that there are harder times down the road, but now at least I will be a little better prepared.

I have actually been thinking a bit about something that mom wrote me this last week (two weeks ago actually, because I forgot that I hadn’t read it) which says the following : “Remember that day you were hiking on Antelope Island and knew that serving a mission was what you needed to do.” It actually hit me and I thought and pondered it for quite a while this morning during breakfast. I thought about how that trip could have gone in so many different ways, but because of the way that it did go it has now changed the lives of so many people. It could have been that I stayed with friends and put making choices on the back burner, that I just spent my time alone goofing off and fighting the desires to make choices about life (stuck in analysis paralysis), or that I didn’t even go on the trip at all. But it ended up in me deciding to come here, changing the lives of many who I left at home, my family, my own life, the lives of my companions, and the lives of many people out here. We have infinite potential, and we are all just a few steps and a few moments away from making remarkable changes in the lives of ourselves and others. We might not change our life 100% for the good in three hours, but you might make the decision to get on the path to completely change your life in that amount of time.

I have also learned something good out here lately, which is that every day we have the potential to change such a small portion of our life, maybe just a fraction of a percent every single day. The difference between a lost person and someone who is doing well is what they do with that one percent every day. A lost person who walks away from the path for a week or two has not gone too far away, and can always come back. Those who walk away longer will have to take more time to come back, but they can always make it. Those who stay in the same place are not losing themselves, but they should be moving forward. And those who strive to keep moving forward every day are those who will reach perfection in the end. All it is is a matter of looking at where you are at, where you are going and where you want to be. If you really analyze yourself once a week, in whatever moment that you want to (it should be more than 5 minutes before taking the sacrament), you have the potential to analyze those three things (where you are at, where you are going and where you want to be). Analyzing these three things as well as including the basic gospel inputs every day (prophets words, scriptures, prayer, etc.), we have the ability to become who we want to be. The moment we are not diligent in these things, we will look up one day and wish we would have been a little more diligent because of where we are at, or maybe just because of where we are not at even though we had potential to get there. Just remember to do your best, strive to change for the better that fraction of a percent, and keep the basic things in your life. Notice that never once you had to analyze your speed or distance, just your direction and your current location.

I know you will all be blessed as you stay on the covenant path and keep striving to be the best that you can. I hope you all try to learn something from my half messed up English haha, and that I could help you with something in this week of your trails too. I love you all, miss you all, and hope you all do well. I am doing great, and feel ready for the next challenge here soon.

I love you all, have a good week!!

Elder Searle

Photos: B day party, fake table (ghetto), monkey made out of a coconut, mug with my picture on it, my jacked up hands from the 2 service projects, and a tiny pineapple