One Long Week

One Long Week

Hola de mi paiz,

It has been a long week for me out here, with having to go get my companion in transfers and getting a new house set up. We spent our entire day Tuesday trapped in traffic with the protests that are going on, and then we spent all day Wednesday cleaning and getting the house all set up. We had the rest of the week was work as usual, with my companion getting to know the area and all of that work. He is a good guy, likes to work hard, and will be good for my area. We get along well and it will be good for us to get some good work done here. 

The situation here in my new country is getting worse and worse, and even here where it is just a little town that no one cares about, they are getting pretty heated. There are protests, robbings, and they have even started to burn tires in the streets too. The Zone leaders have been calling us to tell us to get 72 hour kits ready and to make sure to always have enough food and water on hand for the chance that we have to stay in house and have a little “lock down” thing. They have also told us that if it continues to get worse, they are going to be taking us out of here pretty quickly. I hope it gets better, but it is not sounding like it is going to happen. 

I have seen some hard stuff this week. I have seen a lot of hard stuff out here in my time here, but this week there seemed to be a lot more than usual. It has been a little hard, and even been one of the few things that actually makes me think deep about the life at home being so different than it is here, and I know it will affect how I live after the mission. You have no idea how blessed you are in your country right now. We all have problems, but once we get to know that someone has it worse, it seems like our problems were pretty small before.

I got pulled out of priesthood lesson yesterday by a high counselor. He didn’t tell me what we were going for, and told me to leave my scriptures and everything behind. Being willing, I had stood up to go with him without knowing what he was going to be doing. We got in his car and he told me we were going to visit my favorite family here (who are inactive), and I just knew it wasn’t going to end well. He walked into their house while they were making lunch, demanded that they all gave him 7 minutes of his time, and then got after them for about 40 minutes about how he always goes there to help him and they never pay him back by going to church. He showed no love and I felt ashamed to even sit in the same room. I have never felt so embarrassed for the actions of another person, and when he gave me a minute to talk, I just said “I just want you guys to know I love and care about you, and just like always, anything you need, just call me and I will come to help you out” I honestly felt hurt having progressed so much with this family over the last 6 months and feeling like he has lost it all for me in about 40 minutes, but I guess we will see what happens. Everyone here that I talked to (branch president, other missionaries, etc.) about it told me that we should only get after people (machete them) with love, and that he was only in the wrong for not expressing his love, but I don’t think that there is anything we have received that says that we should get after someone in the first place. We only have to love.

My studies have been going well lately, and I have been reading the general conference talks in spanish and marking them with a highlighter like crazy. This last general conference clearly has marked some things that we are not doing so great in, and it is a clear reason that we were not ready for any changes this last round. All the talks I have read have touched me deeply, and I have been able to apply them in my own life. It is good to do, and I feel better for being able to charge myself spiritually with the words of a modern prophet.

I love you all, know you have all had an average summer week, and hope you get to go on enough adventures this week to be able to enjoy it!

Elder Searle