I lost my CTR ring this last week :(

I lost my CTR ring this last week :(

Hey everybody,

It has been a long and a bit of a weird week for some reason, but I don’t know why. The country has seemed to calm down quite a bit, as this last week there was soldiers in the streets, and now there is nothing, not even rumors of protests. I think everything has finally calmed down, and I hope so too. I hope it stays that way and that everything gets resolved well. 

The new mission president is already here, and we have the zone conference this week. We also all have interviews with him like normal, and he is going to be doing a tour of the whole mission so that he can know what this place needs. I bet he is going to be an awesome dude and do awesome stuff here for us.

I have been taking good care of the family that I had to visit with the HC this last week, and they are actually doing a little better. They have been inactive for a few years is all, and the head of the household has actually asked that in this week he wants us to bless his home as it has never been blessed before. I know that it will be good, and that a change is somewhere in his heart, as he is asking to re-invite the spirit into his home.

The same man was a soldier here in Honduras for about 8 years, and has been teaching me some weird and cool stuff that he learned out there. He taught me how to open someone’s closed fist with just 2 fingers, and also how to make someone cry just by barely touching them. He made me cry like a little girl and it was pretty cool honestly. He is a really good dude and I am so glad I got the chance to be close with him and his family. They will be remembered always. His wife actually talked with me yesterday too, and told me something interesting. She said that after so many missionaries had been in their house over so much time, she has learned that there are only two types of missionaries that people remember, the ones that leave holes in peoples lives, and the ones that leave footprints. She then reminded me of that thing mom has hanging up in the kitchen, and made me think about how I should be leaving every person here that I meet.

My studies have been going really well lately, and it is amazing how much a few small changes can make in your life. I have noticed that just by having a companion who puts in 50% more effort it makes a world of difference, and I am able to feel a ton better. I am doing well, and although not perfect, I am getting better every day and that is what is most important.

Other that that it has been a normal week, and I am glad to be out here still. I haven’t had any major challenges or problems, and I feel really good about everything still. I love you all and know you have all had a good week, hope you all have a good time this next week in your adventures too!

Photos:We played risk this last p day… it took all of p day…, the photos of me sucking the pineapple would have turned out a lot better if my companion wouldn’t have touched the lens on the camera with his sticky finger, but you get the point., and my good ol buddy Elder Cartagena with a butterfly on his nose.

Love you all tons!

Elder Searle