We builded a house

We builded a house

Hey everybody,

It has been a pretty good week out here in my area. We are going to have some amazing times out here in my potentially last few weeks here. We have been making sure to do plenty of service projects, and been retaining the people that we already have here. We have also been finding a lot of other success out here, and we are looking at a maximum of 6 baptisms my last Sunday here. I still don’t want to leave this stinking place, and I love it too much down here. I just can’t imagine myself walking into my next area and just leaving it all behind. It is going to be difficult.  I have grown so much in Patience, Humility and Charity out here, and it has done me a lot of good. I hope to keep moving forward in those things in my life too. 

We built a house this week, which was super awesome. On Wednesday at 7 AM we left the house, got way up high in the mountains, and arrived at the place we were going to be building. We got there and there was just wood and a bunch of dirt. We had a circular saw, a tape measure, one pencil, a machete, and like 2 hammers. In about 5 or 6 hours with 5 or 6 hardworking men, we had put everything up except for the last wall (we ran out of wood) and the roof (Had to buy the material). We did it all for an old man whose house had actually fallen over, and I felt really well afterwards. We went with the inactive man that is my bud, and is from my favorite family. Just because we don’t go to church doesn’t mean that we aren’t awesome people haha. 

We went paint-balling again today, I am sore and tired. It wasn’t as fun as the first time. I am learning a ton of stuff here, mostly how to make new foods. I can almost make tamales now, and I can make wheat tortillas from the bag until the plate. It is super awesome.

Photos:Turtle, Wood, Empty space, house, tan lines

Love you all, 

Elder Searle