8 Months in this thing

8 Months in this thing

Hey everybody,

It has been quite the long week for me out here, but really good. I have been working really hard with the people here, in doing service, teaching and visiting. We have found success for it, as we are going to be having 3 baptisms (with faith). I love my area and the people here so much, and it has been good for me to get out and just work my guts out as hard as I can lately. I am super grateful to be out here, and I know that I regret nothing and never will. I have learned and grown a lot, and I am glad to have done everything I have been able to to do so. 

I have also grown spiritually this week, as I have been getting up a few minutes early to be able to read my scriptures first thing out of bed, and then continue reading when I have study time. I have seen my spiritual level increase, and also have seen that I can teach a little bit better.
I have learned how to cook a ton of stuff too, so when I get home I will teach you all what a real tortilla tastes like, and a few new foods that you didn’t even know existed.

I hope you all have had a good week, and that you all will continue to keep strengthening your testimony in the gospel and in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I love you all, Take care of yourselves,

Elder Searle