First day in new area ( Second Area )

First day in new area ( Second Area )

It has been a hard and a good time. I cried for like 4 days straight from when I learned I had to leave my first area until I got to my next one. I was the only one going out to where I am at now, so I had to travel 4 hours in a bus alone, and was kind of sad the whole time. I am all good now, trying to get adjusted to my new area, which is a huge ward where there is no work. I feel like a missionary in Utah…

It is going to be a little hard getting work going here again, but It is a new challenge that I needed. I have also been trained to be a District leader, and learned that the president’s wife is actually the most scariest person that there is on the planet. She cut deep into obedience, and president just said, “you all are going to remember her words more than mine, so just listen to her” and sat back to watch her finish us off. They are super awesome, and going to transform this mission into a whole new level. We are going to have more success and a lot more obedience here too. I am excited for all of this. 

Getting to know a new area is a little difficult, but I am already going well. It is a LOT hotter here than it was in my last area, and the sun hurts my brain. I am drinking like a gallon and a half of water every day no matter what, and it is still tough. My apartment doesn’t have running water, not just like running water to drink or whatever you have out there, but like NOTHING comes out. So it is cool to go take water out of the pila and bucket shower for the first time ever. 

I am going well. Ready for a new challenge, and even though I have received a lot of challenges, I know they can’t stop. I have to learn a lot, and I need to be tested for it. I hope to learn all that I can. I have met some real difficult people here, and the work is going to be a lot more interesting. We have to start from scratch here, and it will be a good experience. I love you all and hope you all have had a good week.

Love you all

Elder Searle