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Hey everybody,

It has been a good week, and we have worked super hard out here so far. The district is going really well too, and it has been nice to have a role of leadership, and get a little taste of everything in my district. I am DL over the Zone leaders, and we have to “keep each other in line” which makes it a little more interesting.

In the house, we have almost no water, only late at night, and it makes it hard to do the simple little things like shave, brush your teeth, and wash your hands, let alone shower. It is a little more difficult, but it is a good challenge to work with. We finally have someone who can do our laundry which is super awesome, and been a good relief on the back. We also always have food here, and it has been nice to not fight hunger always, even though the food is a bit different. Yesterday I ate pigs foot. It is super super hot and really really dry, and I end up wanting to die just waiting for the sun to go down every day so that I don’t actually die. 

We have some weird Utah stuff here that goes on too, like the classic old guy in the ward that just talks the whole testimony meeting with the same old man story, and he also argues in Sunday school class with everyone about random weird stuff… Also we have really crummy ward council and we don’t get anything done or make any decisions…. So at least the church is the same in all parts of the world, right? Hahaha Face palm so hard

My new comp is super awesome, and we are helping each other in many things. I have never gotten upset with him, we work well together, we are both learning and trying new things, and getting along really well. Dude reminds me quite a bit of Ben, and is super spiritual, humble, and obedient. It has been a super good experience so far. 

The district is working really hard and really well together, and it has been a good time for me so far. I finally got the “new start” that I needed, and I finally get along really well with everyone in the district. First time since my first district, and it has been super awesome. Also, having new responsibilities and work to do have been super good for my energy and mindset.

I feel like I am at 100% even though it is super hard, and even though we have our moments, the Lord makes it clear that he has not forgotten us. He is always so close, waiting to see how far we get, cheering us on, and then swooping in when we don’t quite get there.

I love you all, hope you have had a good week!

Elder Searle



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