Long but good week

Long but good week

Hey everybody,

We have had a pretty amazing week out here, with the zone conference, interviews, and a few amazing experiences. In the zone conf, they really drilled it in to us that our attitude is everything, and that those who have bad attitudes and bad experiences out here are the ones who don´t want it to go well for them. It was really good, and has actually helped us a lot to work a little better and be a little happier.

Interviews with the president went well, and talking with his wife went well too. We all finally learned what it is like to have the machete sharpened and used on us now, which is good and helps us to stay well in line. The whole mission just got their hair cut like I have it, and I just sat back and laughed while everyone cried…. hahaha! 

President also took my district out to lunch because one of my elders had his birthday, so that was cool. Dude is super awesome and is finally preparing us for the life after the mission too. It is amazing.
We had a ton of success this weekend, including putting up baptism dates, getting people lined up, and finding a ton of people ready to progress. My district is also doing really well too, and we are going to be killing it out here soon with the numbers we are putting up.

I also dream in 100% Spanish now and it is kind of weird. this hour with you is the only time I work in English my whole life now…

Photos:half of the district, my companion, me up and ready to go to zone conf at 2 in the morning (shoes polished and everything)

Elder Searle