Another Week…

Another Week…

It has been another long and hot week here in Olanchito, and it was pretty rough too. I feel like I am finally getting that butt kicking missionary work in, where you put in all that you can, get so close, and everything falls through. We had no one come to church this last week, and had 6 baptismal dates put up that also fell through for that. We had people kick us out of their houses, close the door on our faces, yell ¨it´s the Mormons!!!¨ close the door and pretend that they were not home, pastors tell us weird stuff they read in the bible but when we ask them where it was written they all the sudden forgot every scripture ever, and a whole bunch of awesome stuff like that. Aside from all of those things, I am actually in pretty good shape, as I get along really really well with my companion, and it has been a great blessing for the both of us. We are working super hard, and even though the work is tough, we just keep moving forward with it. Aside from our own area, the district is actually doing pretty well, so I must being doing some sort of good out here. 

We are also getting in some really good studies, and are starting to teach a lot more with the book of Mormon. The missionaries here have gotten too adapted to teaching out of pamphlets, that we forget about the most important tool that we have, and everyone here is using the book of Mormon a lot more now. We are also studying scriptures to kill apostasy here with my companion, and it has been pretty fun. I guess we will see how it goes for us in these next few weeks.

Pictures:My lego army, the new razorblade that is going to bring me to my one year mark…..

Love you all!

Elder Searle