Time Goes By Too Fast

Time Goes By Too Fast

Hey everybody, 

It has been a really long week and a little stressful too, and all the appointments that we had here fell through EVERY SINGLE DAY. We were in the street contacting all day long and it is super hot and sunny outside all the time.

What has been good is that I have been having really good studies and feel like I am learning quite a bit of the doctrine and getting a little bit smarter.
We also have one person who is progressing really fast and we are going to get baptized here real quick. He is already reading the book of Mormon by himself a whole bunch, and he understands and applies the doctrine to his life so quickly it is amazing. 

I have a video of how to pull a quarter out from under a match without making it fall over for you all to watch, so enjoy.

Love you all tons, I Hope the best for you all!!

Elder Searle