Week Was Super Awesome

Week Was Super Awesome

Hey everybody, 

My week has been amazing. We have found all the success that we have been looking for for so much time, and it was such an amazing experience. I am super glad for all of your prayers from home, and for having helped me to stay motivated in your letters and such. We found a ton of families this last week, and had 7 investigators at church yesterday. 5 of them have baptismal dates already, and 3-4 of them are really sound. We are super excited to be working super tough out here and seeing the fruits for giving it all of our work. 

My comp and I have been doing well, and although not perfect, we are both getting along well and trying to be better people everyday. I am super glad to be with him for this next transfer, and I hope that we reap some rewards of our hard work out here together.

I am doing well, glad for your prayers, and for your love and support. I am lost out here in the work and the time passes by real quick. I have already been out here for 10 months, and I am so excited to think that I still have more than half of my mission ahead of me for at least a little while longer. It is amazing and I regret nothing. 

Pictures : Little Possum we found dead in our back yard getting eating by a million ants (it is still there today, 4 days later), Ice Cream… It was crappy, but there was a lot of it… America

I love you all and am glad to have heard you all had a good week. 

Elder Searle