Dudes. I’m sad now :(

Dudes. I’m sad now :(

Hey everybody,

This week has been super awesome. We have had a ton of good work and been doing really awesome as a companionship. We are super strong and I actually love the dude like a brother. The worst thing that has happened is that we received some bad news last night. There have been emergency transfers, and they are going to take my companion out of here and send him to another area. They are going to send him to La Masica, (my first area). I am super sad that he is leaving, and I don´t understand why it had to be him after all of his hard work and now he wont get to see the fruits of it. Poor guy:( They are sending me some guy from San Pedro, so I guess we will see what happens in the next few days here. 

We had zone conference this last week, and it was really really good. I feel super enthusiastic and super good to keep working and keep on going out here. Our mission president is very awesome, and I am super glad for all he does. He is helping me to become a true disciple of Christ, and it feels good to know that we are being led by a strong leader. Also, it is just about to be general conference time, and I can´t wait for it! I am super excited. Also, Elder Bernard is going to be coming out here in November, and he might get to talk to our whole mission, and might be announcing the temple breaking ground!!!! How exciting. He is my favorite, and I hope that he gets to come out to us.

Photos:Sister always sleeps with her mouth open…, foods, sexy boots, saying goodbye with my companion

I am doing really well. I have seen that all of you are too. I love you all tons

Elder Searle