Been a though week…

Been a though week…

Hey everybody,

My new companion is a bit difficult. Dude had some problems in his old area, and has now ¨repented¨ and is with me to learn how to be obedient. So the president trusts a lot in me, and he wants to see that I am able to handle challenges and do all that is possible to help a missionary stay out here. The thing is is that the dude has a big character and we run into each other a bit. It has been one of the hardest challenges I have faced in the mission, but it is not the worst week I have ever had, just the hardest. If that make sense. I am glad for the challenge, and it will be interesting to see how it all ends up. I hope to learn to learn a little bit better and I hope I learn a lot from this experience. 

General Conference was super awesome, and most of what I noticed is that they talked a lot about Satan and how he works. They talked a lot about how we need to keep our covenants too, and I think that it is very interesting how they have touched those two subjects so many times. Like a third of the talks talked about Satan, and I think it is a clear warning about what is coming in this world. The prophet and his apostles are getting us ready, and cleaning our blood from their garments. Very interesting.

Pictures:Sun set, Jamo, light switch that I put in the house, PISTO (money), I like the one with the angry face

Love you all, glad to hear you are all well and that you freeze your butts off in the mountain.

Elder Searle