Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

Hey everybody,

It has been a real quick week, and gone by really fast out here. I am surprised to see that we are now in October. I just barely realized that… 

We had a baptism this week and it went really well. They are always the most stressful but most rewarding events down here, and I am excited to say that we are going to be baptizing for the next few weeks here too. This next week Edwin, (The one who got baptized right now) is going to baptize his little sister and I don´t think I will ever forget the experience to see that. 

My companion and I are doing quite a bit better and working hard to keep up our area. We want it to produce good fruit and keep getting better, and I want to leave this area a lot better than when I found it. I know that we are going to have a lot of success here soon and I am super excited. 

I want to share with you all the importance of something that I am learning right now, and it is mind control. It is very important to have for your own mind. Our mind and our thoughts is where everything starts, and if we have control of that, we control everything. The thing most important to understand is that we can only entertain one thought at a time, and as long as we are always trying to think positively and about Christ, we will eventually become like him. The thing is to train your mind to always do that. Hence, Mind Control.

Photos: My fathers last agenda, my face while playing with my camera, baptism, my companion had these $20 bills and it made me think of home when I was rich

I love you all and I have seen that you have all had good weeks. I hope you all have a good one and take care. I pray for you always and I am doing absolutely awesome!!!

Elder Searle 🙂

I feel like I am learning a lot and how to be more like an adult out here… That’s weird.