Its already November…..

Its already November…..

Hey everybody,

It has been a pretty good week. I got everything patched up with my comp, and we are working hard to get some really good people we have moving. I am actually glad to say that I have been finding genuine joy in my work out here, and it is giving me a better purpose to be here. I feel like recently, it has all just kind of  ¨clicked¨ into place and I feel really good about all we are doing. I feel like i have found my reason to be here over these last few months, and it feels good. 

We are simultaneously finding, teaching and baptizing and it feels good to be finding success in all of these things. I am doing great and feel the spirit as my constant companion and comforter. It is a constant testimony to me, and I know I will come home truly converted unto the Lord. 

Something interesting that I have been doing is that I am reading the book of Mormon looking for many interesting things, and the two that I want to share with you are the names of Jesus Christ, and also his many attributes. I have found a lot of interesting attributes, and when I finish the book here in a month or so, I will make sure to let you all know what I find. I testify that it is the most true and best book there is on this earth. 

Photos:District pic, pizza, homemade bomb I made, baptism

I love you all, I am doing great, and I know you all are too. I hope you can all find joy and delight in the words of Christ, and I know that just by reading his words and remembering him all the time will help us to get to know him, and this is truly life eternal. I testify it to you all, I know it is true by experiencing it.


Elder Searle