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Hey dudes,

It has been a long week honestly. We got a lot of people that weren’t at home when they said they were going to be, who hid in their houses, and even a few who closed their doors in our faces. Ahhhh, the life of an average missionary. It has been good honestly. The 2 days that we were outside without anyone to receive us, there was at least nice weather, so that was nice. It has been raining on and off and super cloudy and actually a little cool out here and I have been enjoying it. Today I woke up at like 5:30 and couldn’t sleep anymore because I was super cold haha. If you were here you would be dying of heat, but I was freezing cold…

We had 2 weird experiences with the same problem this last week. the first one, we finished the lesson and asked ¨how have you felt?¨ and the person just stood up and walked into another room. He came out with his hand in his pocket hiding something, and a million thoughts ran through my head. He said ¨You guys asked me how I felt right?¨ and pulled out 20 lepiras (80 cents) and tried to give it to us. We aren’t supposed to take money from anyone, and so we tried to deny it, but he came back at us with ¨the spirit told me that I have to give this to you.¨ So it turned into take the money or deny the spirit (and according to him, take away the blessing that he was going to get). Reluctantly, we took the money and left. We both promised to not spend any of that money on someone who was not in need, and that same night we found a little boy who is very humble. It was very likely that his family was not going to eat dinner that night, and so we gave it to him and told him to give it to his dad without saying where he got it from. I hadn’t seen a smile so big for a long time. later, we had the same thing happen from another family who gave us 10 lempiras, and we are still looking for who we can bless with it. 

We had out normal interviews with the mission presidente this last week on Tuesday, and they went really well. I talked to his wife for a little while because she is also super awesome, and they were both institute teachers for a long time, so they understand a lot of the doctrine in the church. They are both super awesome, and they inspire me every time I talk with them. My mission president always tells us to listen to his wife more than to him because returned missionaries only remember what the mission president´s wife says after the mission. I guess we will see if he is right whenever it is that I get home…

I have been increasing my desire to share the restored gospel with the whole world. Before the mission, my testimony in the restoration and in Joseph Smith was the weakest testimony that I had in any gospel doctrine. Now, it is a certainty. Every time I open my mouth to testify about the restored gospel, I feel the burning confirmation of the Spirit swell up within me, and I know with more of a certainty that it is true every time. All we have to do is ask… Its soooooo simple, and I don´t know why it is so hard for some people. The blessings promised and the seemingly instant answer is so great, that it seems so silly to not ask. But, thinking on the Savior, he had to be rejected even by those who saw with their own eyes. Salvation was never easy.

I love you all, and testify the truth of the restored gospel in all aspects. I know God lives and that he actually answers our prayers. Take care, glad to hear you are all well. 

Love you!!

Elder Searle

Photos: PB sandwich with honey… ¨Like kissing your sister¨-Dad,

The searle bench is the same bench world wide, spicy salsa, video of rain and sun at the same time (its not fair)  🙁 

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