We have to believe Christ, not just in him.

We have to believe Christ, not just in him.

Hey everybody,

First, this week has been super busy with traveling and everything, but overall it is going pretty good. I am still doing well with my companion and have learned a lot from him. We didn´t sleep very well for quite a few days, and I have been freezing cold in the nighttimes here. I am dying with the fan turned all the way down. It rained super hard on saturday, and now we have more water than ever before. The tube just shoots it out and I feel like I´m in the USA sometimes…. 

I have been starting to do more exercise lately, and I am so weak. But I am going to get home with a 6 pack (from hunger and heat exhaustion) Nah just kidding. But for real I am going to work out more. 

I am just about to hit my one year mark, and I have to perform a ritual that we all must do. I am going to burn the worst shirt that I have. So be waiting for pictures of that this next week… Also, I am going to be able to start with fresh garments and a few new shirts 🙂

Elder Bednard spoke WITH us for 3 hours. I highlight the with because he didn´t speak at us, but he asked us open questions and let us ask him questions all night long. It was amazing. Also he is my favorite and I am glad I got to have such an amazing experience. I was like 10 benches away from him, and it was cool to see the spirit that he brings with him everywhere he goes. He spoke to us about how we have to believe Christ and not just in him. Also about how we can get revelation. A ton of things he said with help me for my whole life and I am glad to have been there for the experience. 

Photos: Pizza, district photo (Christmas!!), food

I love you all tons. I am doing great and hope to keep getting better! Glad to hear you are all well

Elder Searle