Hey fam, its been a minute

Hey fam, its been a minute

Hey everybody,

It has been a while since I last talked to you all, so I am only going to put the most important things that I have for you.

First, something spiritual that I liked from my scripture reading in the Book of Mormon this last week. In Alma 37:38-47 it is super awesome about explaining the simplicity of the Gospel. In 44 it says It is easy to give heed to the word of Christ. We must be the ones that make the Gospel hard to follow. Also, in Alma 37: 36-37, It talks about our thoughts and our affections and how we have to give them all up to the Lord, and to seek his counsel. In Jacob 4:4 it says to seek not to counsel the Lord. Prayer cannot be a constant wish-list, but rather, it needs to be the way that we receive orders from God. We should be asking what we can do for God, not just asking him to do stuff for us. 

Last week we went to Trujillo to go goof off with President and his wife, and the whole zone went. We went to the beach and I played Frisbee with a few buds, and I also wrestled 2 of the other elders in the sand. It was fun and super relaxing and I have a trillion pictures for you all so don’t worry. I had a tun of fun and it was one of the best P-days that I have had for a loooooong time. The only thing was that I didn’t get to call home, but it is all good. 

With my companion I am doing well. It is normal. Not too great but not too bad either. We have too much in common in our personalities I think. It is hard to be compatible in this situation, but I am here to learn something. We had transfers this week, and I am staying with the same companion in the same area. I am going to have three transfers with him, but this transfer is when the transfers start to be every 5 weeks, so I will only be with this one for 5 more weeks. I am going to be here for Christmas!!! Hahaha. que triste. Nah but I am all good. I have been focused on the work and feeling good personally out here. I have felt the spirit strongly and frequently and it is great.

Pictures that I have for you all:Bday of old lady, 1 year pics (my trainers tie that he left me), sleeping people, lobster!, gecko in my cup, the little bus that we all fit in (16 elders), trujillo, A sexy lady, bunch of selfies on the beach, wrestled in the sand, sharky, beer sign next to sharky that they took of me *palm face*, samuel (recent convert who fell off a motorcycle, lucky to be alive), weird hut?, christmas tree thing, Goodbye pictures??, Tarantula, bad ideas…, videos that were failed attempts, burned shirt, christmas time ya

I love you all tons, going to call as much as I can with my time. Glad to see that you have all been doing well. I love you so much and it is all downhill from here 😉 nah I don ́t wanna go home anymore 🙂

Love you all!!

Elder Searle