Dudes. We are in December I just barely realized it

Dudes. We are in December I just barely realized it

Hey everybody,

I have had an amazing week, in which I learned a lot and got to see some miracles. The biggest thing that I have learned here is that I am in this area to become a convert to the Lord. I am learning something new every day, and retaining the information because I am not just learning by studying, but by FAITH. Applying knowledge to our lives is what makes us better. We will be judged for all that is written, whether we complete with it or not, we already know it all. We have to apply it one principle at a time until we can become perfect.

One of the things that helped me more than anything else, was the conference talk that dad sent me, ¨Lord, is it I?¨ That is the question that if we all apply to ourselves, will let us be converts. If we are looking for problems in others to correct, unless we are perfect in that thing, we are wasting our time on this earth. This is our time to repent and get better so we can be the best when we get to God. If we spend it looking at others we might help them to look better than us in the last day. We have to look inward to be able to solve our problems, because we control how we think, feel and what we do, and in this way, we have control over everything. I applied this to my own life with my companion. I was thinking poorly of him, thinking he was upset and we had problems. For this, I felt poorly towards him, and did not act. I repented and talked to him, and now, I think well of him, love him as a brother, and was able to learn and apply many other things in my life. We are doing amazing right now. I am happy and great. Learning is the best, even when it hurts.

I also threw up this last week for the first time since I was with my trainer, and it was not so great of a day. But I think it was just from food poisoning, because I felt a ton better the next day and now I am all good. 

I found a scripture to chop up all of this disobedience in the premortal existence too, which I think will be cool to use now that Ben is in Elders quorum with his machete sharpened up and ready to go at it. It is in D&C 93:38 The whole chapter is good

We changed houses too, and it is amazing now. We have water and our bathroom is inside. It is also a lot safer. More information on that next week. 

I am glad to hear that Ben got ordained and that he has put in practice his priesthood already blessing mom. Those are some good experiences…
I am grateful to God about everything out here, and with everything at home. You have all been blessed and protected, and it is because I am 100% out here. I love you all and miss you sometimes, but I am with my family out here now and God helps me to be happy as I think about others more than myself. 

I love you all

Elder Searle

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