What’s up dudes?

What’s up dudes?

Hey everybody,

It has been a good time out here this last week. Pretty normal honestly, just that I am getting along well with the whole district, and I am feeling pretty good about everything right now. We got all settled in to the new house, it is a million times cleaner, more comfortable and just better in general. I am super happy for it, and trying to get back into a good routine. 

I had to go to a leadership counsel this last Tuesday in San Pedro (8 hours away from home) and president inspired me to change a few things in his lesson thing. He talked about obedience like always, but he also talked about the anti-nephi-lehites, and how they didn’t first bury their weapons of war, but first, they abandoned their weapons of rebellion and stopped fighting against God. (Almas 23:7) He told us that we should make a list of things we want to do better, and abandon it. That we should make a covenant with God and destroy our weapons of rebellion. (Alma 24:15-18) I am trying to do better every day, and something that I have constantly heard from a few good members and from the mission president is that we already know everything necessary. If we lose our salvation it is because we wanted to lose it. It is not because we were ignorant to what we needed to do. It has made me ponder a little bit more in where we all stand in this fight.

Photos:Scorpion in the egg crate thing :/, comp filled a metal water bottle with water and froze it not thinking about it, weird letter I got from Sue Lopez? I dont even know who that is… but she also sent me popcorn and stuff, my eyeball real close to the camera

I love you all and am doing great. I hope you all are too and that you all keep taking care of yourselves. 

Elder Searle