New area, new everything

New area, new everything

Hey everybody,

It has been a long and stressful week, but it has been good and I feel like a lot of growth is going to come out of where I am and what I am doing now. I feel like we are going to have a lot of challenges, but they are challenges that I have been waiting for. I feel like I overcame a lot in my last area, and like I am here for the next round of challenges. I am with another missionary from the USA, and it is a little weird but kind of nice honestly. We get along and get each others humor, and we don’t talk in English to show a good example and also because I hate English. 

We have little problems in our zone we are trying to get figured out, and it is going to go well for us if we can get things going here. Our area is doing okay, but is a little rough for the lack of people they were teaching. I am entering again in an area that the last guy just finished the mission, so when I got here it was a little rough. The house was a disaster and had a whole bunch of old clothes all over the place that a ton of missionaries had left behind, so we spent all morning cleaning that thing up nicely. We now live in a house where you can feel the spirit 🙂

I feel a little sorry for my companion sometimes, because he has more time in the mission here than I do, and almost every house we have walked into, the people have told us that I speak more fluently and that my accent is almost gone, and then they ask me how much time I have in the mission. I always just tell them I have been out here for almost the year mark. I don’t want to go home yet….

Leaving my last area wasn’t as hard as the first time, although I left people crying, this time I felt bad because I didn’t cry too. I am already used to the changes that we have to make out here, between areas and companions, and now everything is just normal. 

I have a leadership meeting tomorrow, and I think they are going to machete us to death in there, so pray for me to get to the hospital in time so that I don’t bleed out and die. President spends all his extra time sharpening his machete…

I love you all and have been praying for you all too, and I feel super good about everything at home. I am at like a 9.5/10 on basically everything that I feel. Just a little bit stressed about the new responsibilities, but I am sure that after about 2 weeks it will already be normal.

I love you all, uploaded goodbye photos, and also one of my new comp. I am pretty sure he wears size 26 pants…. so weak….

Elder Searle