Its been another week

Its been another week

Time is all the same now. 

It has been a pretty good week. We have been working hard with the Zone, which has been an adventure, to see all the problems that they have and try to come up with the most important solutions. We also have a great need to get some stuff figured out in our own area. While we were on splits, I was working hard to get a missionary to not just go knock on doors all day long, and when I got back to my own area, my companion told me all the appointments fell through and so he was just knocking doors all day long and everyone rejected them. They didn’t find anyone new. It was the biggest face-palm moment of my entire life. We can’t teach something that we don’t do. And we can ́t help others if we don’t know how to do it. I hope to get all this goofy stuff fixed up so we can start working efficiently and have some success. 

We are finally in a super awesome ward, where we have ward council every week and coordination meetings too. The members leave work with us, and they help give fellowship and follow up to the people that we are visiting. Down here they always have a list of 5 families that they want to activate, and this is the first ward where they don’t just eternally assign those 5 families to the missionaries and wash their hands. They assigned ward families to visit them, visited all 5 and the next week 3 of the 5 were at church. It is going to be awesome to actually get some ward support out here, and what is going to matter most now is how we work. 
I am doing well personally. I am trying to be a better example for others. I am tired of leaders who always say one thing and can’t even do it themselves in their own areas. I want to be someone who does something and then asks others to do the same. Just as Christ did.

I just realized that I don’t have any pictures for you all this week, but next week I should have some. It has been good out here, and I am trying my best to stay encouraged and to have a good time helping others and focusing on the missionary work we have. I have been generally happy and doing good.

I love you all and pray for you too 😉

Elder Searle