Another week? I didn’t even realize

Another week? I didn’t even realize

Hey everybody,

Basically everything is the same. There is no difference between the days, and at the same time, every single day is way different from all the others. I don’t know if you understand me, but it is something I imagine that every missionary understands.

I had something weird happen this last week. I bought a soap called Coast, not thinking about it and then afterwards I realized when I opened it that it is the same kind that dad always used…. So that was a little interesting. Now when I shower there are just a lot of homesick tears that rinse off my face… Hahahaha

I am getting along very well with my companion, and I think it is due to having to get along with my other companions that were a lot more difficult. I think you all would be surprised to know that I now know when to shut up, and how to have a calm conversation about two different opinions. I also don’t get so stressed out so fast, and I feel like I am becoming a better follower of Christ. I always look for something that I can do to help improve my ability to feel the spirit, and I recognize when I do something wrong because I feel it apart itself and I feel the need to repent. It is pretty cool. I never thought the spirit was literally your companion that just helps you do good stuff and stay away from bad stuff until I got out here and actually had some real experiences. I feel like if I wouldn’t have come out here, I would be super lost trying to recognize the spirit and never realizing what it actually was. 

We had zone conference this week, and one of the most interesting things that president talked about was that missionaries have a ton of time to study. An average faithful member studies about 15 minutes a day (an example that we made), and we did the math to find out that to be able to study as much as a full time missionary in 2 years, that same member would need to study for 20 years. So basically we receive 20 years worth of knowledge from the scriptures in 2 years, and as long as we apply our faith, we can receive the light and the truth that it gives us.  (D&C 88:118)

I am super happy, and am trying to get better every day. I love you all tons and hope you all have some good adventures this week.

Elder Searle